The Weekender Series – Showrooms, Plant Finds & Skincare Update

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Hi Loves! I’m back with another series of all the things I got up to and I do think that this has to be the most straightforward ‘Weekender’ series by far. I mean we were busy focusing on the project in mind and I didn’t take much images because of how focused we were. We got to attend a showroom around the Bryanston area, looking for some home renovating things and got carried away with nature’s best – plants AND I got new facial products that I’m so excited to try and share with you guys. And while the rest were celebrating Valentine’s we were laid back. That’s just us, you know. Keep scrolling and check out what we got up to.

February 13th,

Beautiful weather and perfect for showroom visiting. J has been renovating so we’ve been looking around at various places for both inspiration and items that can work for what he wants to execute for the house. It’s so exciting and makes one feel so ready to just be purchasing for their own place. We went to other places but what stood out was the showroom we attended in Bryanston. The brands were b l u_l i n e and nuuma. I honestly felt so pressured lol, the pieces and how they were put together were just out of this world. Think luxury, high-end and quality. From the lighting, the kitchen interior itself and even just the random bits they placed inside the draws and table tops. We definitely left feeling inspired. It makes one get ideas on how you’d like your space to look like and just what certain colours, textures and elements work well with. We ended the day chilling at our go-to chill spot Botanical Gardens although we sat outside as supposed to going inside like we always do. We also kicked it with some KFC and witnessed someone fall off a bicycle.

Also, we just randomly saw these pretty sunflowers and I just had to snap them.

📍 Sandton, Bryanston
📍 Emmarentia, Botanical Gardens

February 14th,

Lovers day! And while people were out celebrating we had things to do. We continued looking for more stuff and while looking for the perfect paint colour we got to this beautiful, refreshing area that had a variety of plants and OMG! Am I the only one who wants a greenhouse? I could only imagine what it would feel like meditating in a space like this. There’s just something about nature, plants and greenery. Also, were we not jamming to a Afrikaans song that played in the store. The day ended with a dinner at the Piza Vino restaurant in Rosebank.

Piza Vino (Rosebank)
Mains : Rump steak w/ sweet potato fries & Melrose Arch Pizza (avo, gorgonzola, cherry tomatoes)
Drinks : Dry White Wine

📍 Rivonia
📍 Piza Vino, Rosebank

February 15th,

When proof reading I realized that I didn’t show the skincare products I got. We were around Rosebank anyway so we popped into a store that we’ve never been at before and just wanted to check it out. Trust me to want to get anything skincare and that’s what the store had a variety of. I’ll definitely be headed back there. So, the products I got was a skin lotion which is richly formulated with aloe vera and a sheet mask which has hyaluronic acid. I am jumping straight into the lotion and I am yet to try the mask. I will without a doubt give a review as soon as I notice results.

Thank you guys for checking out what we got up to. Ya’ll know another ‘Weekender’ series will be coming soon!