Inside a Blogger’s Beauty Bag

Hi loves! So, I’ll be sharing all my beauty essentials I can’t live without. From my current favourite skincare heroes to beauty buys (so a mixture of both skincare and beauty products). Keep scrolling to discover my ultimate beauty must-haves.

1. The Moisture Back ‘gang’

You guys know how much of a product junkie I am (particularly skincare products)but eversince I’ve been educating myself on all things skincare and tried things like exfoliating and masking I’ve never looked back. I am OBSESSED with the W-beauty skincare brand (I haven’t tried their beauty range just yet) and it’s just been so good for my skin. The hydration and moisture I’m left with for the next days ahead are worth it. Another essential is a sheet mask. Right now I’m into anything with hyaluronic acid and just natural ingredients, it leaves my skin so hydrated. The overall appearance of my skin and both the feel and plumpness is so refreshing. I am currently obsessed with the Yoyoso sheet masks, they’re so good for my skin.

2. The Coverage

I am shade 332 for reference

These are for days when I do want to wear makeup and do want to lock in a complete beauty look. For starters the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation suits my skin tone like a dream. Eversince trying it out I’ve never looked back. Before I got my hands on this product I was on this foundation search of trying fo find a foundation product that would really fit my skin/suit it/blend well without me trying too hard and something lightweight and buildable. I know that I will come across other amazing makeup brands and will still be left amazed by the product result but for now, this works. Another product is this Clarins Foundation. I have tried my tone in this particular range it just leaves my skin a bit too pale so instead I got it in a more darker shade to bronze with. Why you ask? It blends like a dream with the Fit Me Foundation. These work well together and I lov the finish I get from it.

3. Avon Brush

I got this kabuki brush by default BUT how happy am I that it happened either way. This brush is such a dream because it locks in the products so seamlessly into my skin. I used to switch between a sponge and this brush but currently I’ve just been using the brush. I also find that it’s quite easy to just easily apple the makeup as supposed to using a makeup sponge and ‘dabby’ the product into the skin. I use it for applying both my foundation and the bronzer I use which is actually foundation so it’s about finding that right balance between washing the brush so that I don’t look too off and completing the right step at the right time.

4. Hair Goodies

If you’re familiar with all things hair (my natural hair journey) you’ll know that I often do a hair masque every second week of washing it (I was my hair every Friday) and a product I’ve been currently drowning in is this hair masque from Vatika. I will definitely be reaching out for other products from the brand especially since it is particularly for 4c hair which I believe my hair type is that. So, I just always recommend this product to people. I have seen and felt tremendous results and changes in my texture, how healthy my scalp feels immediately after using the products and just how healthy and nourished my hair looks and feels.

5. Lip Hydration

Another particular product that I collect. I love when my lips are all moisturized and all the hydration pulls through. Whether I’m wearing makeup or not, masking, just woke up and brushed my teeth, literally taking a few seconds in the car to remove my ask and just apply some lippie. Yup! That’s me. Although, I am picky with the type of lip product I get I don’t like too much gloss and shine. I also don’t like it too mate so this lip balm from Palmer’s is amazing and gives me the perfect balance. Also, it smells so good.

These are just inspirational images I keep on file from social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook ,Who What Wear, NET-A-PORTER and from the brands site as referenced. I do not own any of these images.

I know this post was highly requested and it was so delayed but it’s finally here. Do let me know what your favourite beauty essential is.