The M U S E series presents individuals with compelling personalities in a new light. In this virtual interview series we get up close with their skincare journey featuring authentic shots through their own lens.

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Meet Gabrielle Mixon, Marketer, Writer & Type 1 Diabetes Advovate

HAUT : Describe what you do
GABRIELLE : Hey beautiful people! My name is Gabby and I strive to use my creativity for a living, through being a marketer and collaborating with individuals and organisations where I cover topics I’m inspired by. 

HAUT : What’s your skin type
GABRIELLE : I have a dry and sensitive skin. It’s particularly dry when I’m in Joburg. My skin was dewier when I stayed in places with tropical and humid climates. 

HAUT : Tell us about your current skin care routine
GABRIELLE : My general routine is cleanse, moisturise and protect. I found that using a toner dried out my skin more, so I leave that out of my routine now. I begin my skin care routine with a light scrub using my sponge from Faithful to Nature along with their cleansing soap. 

Then, I moisturise with African Extracts Rooibos Moisturiser which has SPF 30 during the day and if I’m spending the day in the sun I’ll add extra SPF on my face and body for protection. I’ve learned the hard way that sunblock is vital even when the weather is overcast.

In the evening, I moisturise my skin with SBR Repair after cleansing it, which is perfect for dry skin. You only need to use a smidgen of it and it does the trick. 

Masking is also something I do occasionally but not often enough. When I have done it, I found that the glowing effects were immediate. This is great just before occasions when you want to look a little extra. However, I actually want to look extra every day. Scroll all the way to the bottom and comment some masking tips for the girl?

On a super real note though, I have chosen this minimalistic approach to skincare because it doesn’t break my budget, it caters well enough to my skins needs and there’s an added benefit for the environment which makes me happy.

HAUT : What’s one thing you wished you learned sooner with regards to skin (yours in particular)
GABRIELLE : Wear sun protection whenever you’re outside for long periods of time and in all kinds of weather, not just in full sunshine.

HAUT : Your favourite skincare brand
GABRIELLE : Currently my favourite skincare comes from Faithful to Nature. Their sponge and soap is really working for me and I am a big fan of low maintenance skincare that does the job. The sponge lightly scrubs my skin without having to exfoliate with another product and the soap is gentle and moisturising

HAUT : What’s the last skin care product you finished and would you purchase it again?
GABRIELLE : I am experimenting with new moisturisers at the moment but I used to be a repeat purchaser of Bioderma Atoderm Crème which you can get from Dischem. It’s also a real winner for dry skin like mine. I’d definitely buy it again. 

HAUT : Any skin care tricks or tips to share
GABRIELLE : Due to being Type 1 Diabetic and having to research the ingredients I eat, beauty and food for me have been working hand in hand. Besides getting enough water, consume drinks and foods that are high in vitamins and antioxidants. There are plenty ingredients that are full of water so you don’t only need to drink it. Your skin will thank you for it. Oh, and don’t forget your Omega 3’s. 

HAUT : Skincare words of encouragement
GABRIELLE : It’s important to take care of yourself and remember that beauty is also an inside job. All flaws can be beautiful if someone is happy on the inside. 

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