What I’ve Learned

Thankful for another trip around the sun. It seems that when you’re surrounded by love, you float. Thank God for making me feel so full yet so free.

Hi Loves! So, if you follow me on my social media platforms you probably know by now that it’s my birthday today. Yes, I put this post together two days before and shot my content today. No, I am not spending my birthday scrolling through social media.

I wanted to share some of my thoughts and what I’ve learned over the past year. I cannot believe I’m slowly headed to the late 20s and with me having birthday blues what better way to dive into my thoughts. Furthermore, I sometimes wish I was like those people who celebrate their birthdays the entire month BUT I always get birthday blues (especially this year) and can’t wait for it to pass but even in all that I know I should be so appreciative of my life and how much I’ve grown into the woman I am. So, with all that said, join me as I share my thoughts. So, here goes…

For the past year I’ve learned that if you don’t have an inner voice, you have nothing. Start listening to yourself — what you need, what you want and what you believe in. As cheesy as it may sound, “you’re the navigator of your life”. Don’t let anyone hold the pen to your life because you’re the author. Let yourself have fun and allow yourself to laugh as hard as you want. Find joy within yourself and do the things that bring you joy, happiness, laughter and even silliness. Stop letting others take your power and stand up for yourself. Pay attention to whom you feel your lighter self because anyone making you feel all sorts of negativity or a build up of unhappiness is something you should not tolerate. Put boundaries in place to keep those vibrations away from you because I guarantee you that you do not need it, both your physical and spiritual self. Really pay attention to all of that because the longer you tolerate your cup will run empty. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle. Relax and flow into life better. And no, it’s not selfish. Remember to not forget that you will always make mistakes but don’t live frozen.

Let go, trust yourself and LIVE!

Keep an eye out for ‘The Weekender Series’ to check out what I got up to for my 24th birthday.