Bringing in Stillness & Small Moments

Our bodies hold so much wisdom and can teach us so much if we take the time to listen to and connect with it. When I started my spiritual journey connecting and becoming in touch with my body was such a huge part of it. Overall, I became in touch with everything it made me — my emotional state, my physical self, my spiritual being and the space I was in mentally. I wanted to share some life changing things I constantly practice and get in touch with so that I’m in a more comfortable and stable space with myself and my life. This is all the things I do when I need to unwind and just get a fresh start with myself (more like self-care just a lot deeper and sometimes even more routine).

Starting a spiritual journey and practice may feel totally foreign and a bit overwhelming, if it is something that is totally new to you. Start by looking for spiritual ideas and practices that resonate with you. This is your unique journey. It is about you and your evolution. That means your path doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Do your best to keep this in mind on your journey.

1. Moments of stillness

Growing quiet where your inner wisdom and God reside. When you are feeling overwhelmed or you are searching for guidance take a moment to get quiet. It may feel like a really weird practice at first but I promise the more you practice it and build your belief in it’s power the more you will love it. Come back to stillness as often as you can throughout your day along with intentionally making time for it during your day. I personally lock in my quiet time with meditation and by just sitting alone. I love my solo time so for me this is usually the best part of my day.

2. Listen to your body & connect with it

Your body holds so much wisdom and can teach you so much if you take the time to listen to and connect with it. It is sending you messages all the time about what it needs if you learn to listen.

3. Self-reflection

Self-reflection is one of the most powerful tools we can use to deepen our connection to ourselves and source on our spiritual journey. When we choose to cultivate self-reflection we open ourselves to a whole new level of understanding. I enjoy journaling, reading spiritual guides and writing notes from them and listening to podcasts this is my way to self-reflect.

4. Stay committed

Your spiritual journey and life can’t flourish without commitment. Start with whatever practices have resonated with you. For me I needed to keep a discipline of a scheduled routine so I make a set time for meditating and prayer. Another key thing is to approach your stillness or growth with an open mind. Embarking on a spiritual journey is bound to lead you outside of your comfort zone and expand your mind. Do your best to be open to new things and ideas that go against the things society has programmed you with.

Remember to start small and allow yourself to enjoy the journey of being.