Staycation Essentials – The Minimal Edit

Hey Loves! I just recently went on a staycation and thought about sharing how I pack for when I’m going to take some time out. I’m breaking down all the essentials that are necessary for when going on a staycation. Light packing for a short trip isn’t easy for someone who is always indecisive with the type of style looks I want to rock but I do know the important stuff are just as much as important and needed as clothes. I’ll be sharing everything from skincare, beauty and even accessories that I always take along when staycating. These tips may also be used when going on vacation. Happy packing!

1. The Works,

These are all things skincare, toiletries etc. I love separating my stuff into carrier bags that will fit whatever may compliment each other. For example, toiletry bag with my day-to-day skincare products (when going on a staycation I usually opt for the products I always lean towards) that’s my cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, toner, facial oil, serum etc. I also include my toothbrush, body deodorant and shavers.

2. Accessories,

These may include shoes, bags, earpieces etc. I always make certain that I pack my go-to shoes. I’m a huge fan of sandals so without a doubt those tangle along. Another important thing to take for me is earrings. You guys know I’m big on my earpieces and they just complete my outfits really well so I always make sure to take my favourite pieces and add additional ones that I may want to play around with. Another huge thing for me is a bag both to pack in and walk around with if one needs to go out for a quick run. A more functional bag and apart from using it to travel with I can also use it for day-to-day activities.

3. Additionals,

These may include my phone charger, a laptop, notepad etc. As a blogger I’m always making sure I plan ahead and if a staycation is in place I’m definitely going to line-up for blog posts to create content around and considering my new series (The Weekender) I want to story tell and share as much as I can. So these additions I cannot forget. Another important addition is medication. Panados, allergex anything that can help with an emergency is important. With the current pandemic sanitizers and extra masks are also important.

4. Clothes, clothes & more clothes,

Without a doubt my favourite part of packing. With me, both day-to-day items and stuff I can use for blog and social media content are so important. So yes, I am the diva who packs a crazy amount, imagine a longer trip away and how many bags I’d take… these are my top three priorities before anything else:

  • Basics (tops, denims, pants, undies)
  • Statement Items (blouses, dresses, swimwear)
  • Overtops (jacket, jersey)

Don’t forget to always keep safe and have an amazing time. Happy packing & Happy traveling!