A/W Blogger Style Recreation

Hi Loves! Nothing new here, just another style recreation post. But on the real, I’ve done a S/S blogger style recreation post [ Read Here: https://hautaesthetics.com/2021/01/19/blogger-style-recreation/ ]. I really wanted to tap into another fun recreation featuring 6 style looks I’ve been eyeing from bloggers that I follow on social media. It’s always exciting putting a fashion and style related post especially when putting together looks because I get to really dive into my wardrobe and find either similar items or just mix it up every now and then. Keep scrolling and check out the looks I handpicked to recreate.

Look 1


A very polished, minimalist look. I mean the writing is on the bag, right? I am a huge fangirl of Jeanne Grey and her brand. She’s just so consistent in her content – brown hues and inspirational captions. A/W inspiring and just well, the greylayers (her brand name btw). A printed blazer like this one is something that’s great for adding depth to a look. This look is just great for when autumn just kicks in so mot much layering, just styling as is. And her VOGUE tote versus my underbudget tote, I tried.

Look 2


I’ve featured this dress in my first blogger style recreation and it was ‘Look 5′ just worn as is. I love that it’s such a transeasonal item to own and it’s medium weight so I could either layer as much as I want or just keep to a bare minimum. This look from Brittany Bathgate is so effortless and easy. I don’t own these style shoes, so instead my chunky ‘Chelsea’ boots give it a more vibrant look.

Look 3


Honestly, such a transitional look. Swapping the turtleneck/polarneck with a tee or statement blouse and hey, you’re spring ready. I wanted to turn it up a notch a but with a fun twist. So, instead of heels I am wearing my chunky boots again BUT I did include an image of the look worn with heels. These slip skirts are so versatile and transitional so give it a try.

Additional Look


This happens to be the 7th look (if you must) but I wanted to include this look because I actually went through my archives and was able to pick up that it’s similar to a look Brittany Bathgate rocked in 2020. I thought it would be a great idea to show you guys just how looks can be styled same, but different and you wouldn’t even know until you find an image.

Tip : have fun with what you have and definitely don’t overthink and you’ll end up with a trendy look from someone inspirational.

Look 4


A timeless, effortless, chic yet easy look. I’ll definitely be leaning towards this look a lot towards autumn-winter. It’s the bare minimum kind of look that appears as if one put in so much effort but in all honesty, it’s about putting items together that complement each other in terms of tones, texture and even detail. I remember following Gemary in the year 2017 and instantly fell in love with how she expresses her take on minimalism through her outfits and content. My take from it is that it’s timeless and classic especially if you’re looking to add a variety of twists here and there. This is a great autumn look and if it does slowly get a lot colder with winter of course a classic black or even neutral coat will do.

Look 5


This look is similar to ‘Look 3‘ with just a sweater and skirt swap. This is a more oversized silhouette inspired by Alexis Foreman who has such effortless, minimal looks that is similar to that of Brittany Bathgate. But nonetheless, I still wanted go feature this look in particular to show that you can mix and match your items and just have fun with it. You guys know I always encourage sustainability, so let’s make sure to shop smart so we make the most of the clothing items we own.

Look 6


My final look is from one of my favourite stylists and my overall fave style inspiration Sylvie Mus. This look is so easy yet so chic. I mean you have the hero investments – a cardigan and a pair of good denim jeans. It’s a quick throw on Lind of look and I also think it will work great for a WFH look. A great winter swap would be with boots and to add a warm layer, probably a basic, knit or turtleneck.

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Remember to have fun when recreating looks, I always have fun when I do as mentioned in the introduction I get to dive into my items and figure out what matches what I’m looking at.