Building a Capsule Wardrobe That Will Last

Concept of a capsule wardrobe? The kind of compact closet that only holds a minimum of pieces that all perfectly match each other with great ease and much time saved in the morning. It’s the solution to anyone’s fashion woes. Join me as I share some easy go-to tips in building the best possible ways to only having items that are sustainable and will last a lifetime.

Begin with a simple clear out

Limiting your wardrobe to a specific number might help you. Give yourself the freedom to evolve over time as you learn. So instead of buying new clothes right away, give yourself some breathing room to see what it feels like to love with less clothing as you slowly grow your wardrobe to a safe minimum. A great tip is to trail-run the process if you’re scared to commit.

Don’t worry about making it the perfect wardrobe

Let it be imperfect. For me personally my wardrobe still isn’t perfect. I’ve also realized that it will never be and made peace with that. I mean from all angle it’s trends, work influences (if you’re in the fashion industry) and walking into a shop and seeing that pretty patterned dress.

Be honest about your lifestyle and what’s needed in your wardrobe

Instead of ending up with fantasy-life clothes instead end up with real-life items. Ones that will carry you a lifetime and that you can get a lot of functionality from. If you’re spending most of your time in the office (so, think corporate) rather invest in items that can be used out of that space too. Invest in both fitted and loose shirts so that the tighter fits can be worn on work days and the loose ones can be worn casually but also still finding that fashion balance of playing around with silhouettes too and maybe even blazers in neutral tones that speak simplicity, fashion yet appropriate for your career.

Let’s build that capsule collection together. Below I put some really basic yet sustainable items I think are great for building the perfect capsule wardrobe. These classic pieces will hold anyone’s closet together. Things that are worth the investment. Check it out:

These are just inspirational images I keep on file from social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook ,Who What Wear, NET-A-PORTER and from the brands site as referenced. I do not own any of these images.