Style tips for layering in Cold Conditions

Inspired by my ootd (outfit of the day) I thought I should put together some tips on how I go about layering especially in the cold seasons. These are my go-to tips for putting my A/W looks together to look a lot more stylish and put together. I’ll go about sharing these tips step-by-step as if I were getting dressed. These tips are also transeasonal so you can stop at a certain step depending on how warm or cold it is.

Key start to layering

Always start with a light/thin layer. This will help you slowly navigate towards how many items you want to layer on top. It’s a great start and the top key item to deciding on how thick the next item is. Whether you’ll stop there or add a long sleeve basic top.

Kickstart your layering with a warmer item

Whether you’re going for a long sleeve top or a jersey underneath your coat, opt for a warmer second layer. This helps me determine whether I want to complete my outfit with a coat, throw on a cardigan, jacket or even an oversized sweater.

Don’t stop just yet

Once I’ve decided on my second layer and have the third charm being the final throw (sweater, coat, jacket etc) I don’t limit myself to just that. I love adding that extra item for more detailing and add a lot more character to my outfit. I enjoy throwing on a lighter cardigan or jersey that’s in line with what I’m wearing in terms of colour or even texture. The key to this is making sure that whatever item is used for this to not be too cropped or flared sleeves on tops or cardigans don’t work for draping over the shoulders. For me using my more oversized jerseys work a lot better and using the ones that are just a size up so I don’t look too chunky or bulky. If you’re not big on this particular try out you may use a scarf instead.

Additional tips

  • If you’re adding a collared shirt underneath a jersey or sweater make sure the shirt is visible at both ends.
  • Layering a dress in the cooler months is a lot easier with a slip dress. You can add a polar neck underneath with a blazer on top or even a leather jacket to play around with textures. You may also drape a jersey over your shoulders or a wear a scarf.