The Weekender Series – New Product Try-outs & Mirror Cuts

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Last weekend in March 2021 and rather productive. Join me as I share my mirror cut dilemma, enjoy a sushi takeout night, try out new nail colours, new hair products and a new added product to my skincare.

March 26,

Friyay! Went through the week with such a painful bruise from cleaning. I swear I’m always careful when cleaning mirrors because one of my biggest fears is getting cut by one and guess what? It happened. I don’t know how but, it happened. Anyway, that did not stop me from getting things done this week. I dedicated my time to work around new ideas and I think I might have taken the first step to ‘reset’ from platforms that I’m constantly spending my time on. Fridays are my self-care and self-improvement day which means skincare, more in-depth meditating and a new hobby (my podcast of course). I love how I dont have to do much when putting a episode together so u automatically knew that it would fit well for Fridays because I already dedicate the week to content creation, writing and projects. Friday night was also perfect for some seafood cravings and rosè. We’re also back from our staycation so back to shooting at home and if you want to check out what we got up to [ Read Here : The Weekender Series – Birthday Vibes, Podcast Launch & BTS ].

I also recently got the W-Beauty Mattifying Spot Corrector for blemishes and old spots I want to get rid off from my skin. I’m feeling positive about it because you guys know my obsession with the W-Beauty skincare range which I am so in love and it works amazing on my skin so I’m not too skeptical about the product instead I’m excited to keep trying new products from the range. I’ve also just recently started using the Woolworths hair oil which smells AMAZING! Gives the hair a great shine.

March 27,

Welcome to the Weekend! Early rises and a very productive day. Projects need to get done and for us that means getting all the equipment and whatever else is needed. We did a fashion buying dedicated day to get whatever clothing items are needed for the shoot. We had lunch at Piza Vinõ which is a spot I’ve mentioned on this series before. Our last stop was the car wash and a early supper.

📍 Linden
📍 Piza Vinõ, Rosebank

March 28,

Happy Sunday! I had such a restful, easy-going Sunday. I took this day to just chill out and spend time with myself (as per usual) and really just take it easy. Some homemade scones and coffee for breakfast and a light meal for lunch. I took a walk and enjoyed the slight drizzle as the weather changed during my walk, got home and had a ice-cream for dessert.

Sabbath Day Word of the day,

Be gentle, kind and patient with yourself. Feed positive thoughts and allow your mind to take it in. We all have things that we’re internally suffering from but we cannot allow that to take over us. Your mind is so powerful make sure to feed it with all the positivity that you can.


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