Blogger Tag – Get to Know Me

Hi Loves! I finally did another blogger tag and you can actually check out my first blogger tag if you’re up for part one [ Read Here: What’s Haut? ] for now join me as I answer your questions. Keep scrolling…

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I’m placing all that I am on a successful, running clothing line. I would love to see my site at a higher level at that time. Hopefully married and navigating through life with grace and success.

Your religious views?

I am a Christian. With that I am no judge of any other persons belief and respect that.

What are you currently listening to?

How have you changed the last 5 years?

I’ve definitely grown a lot. I mean any person can take notice of that in themselves, right. In the way I see life and my understanding of certain things. I’m a lot more balanced out and know exactly what I’m set on in terms of my life and who I am.

A quote you like and feel empowered by?

I love this quote in particular because it constantly reminds me that even in my faults and flaws I am growing and learning and that’s the journey to me finding my complete self.

If you won the lottery…

There’s so many things but I would definitely give back somehow. Tithes and offerings, give to a charity and probably buy shoes because I constantly see a lot of beggars with no shoes so that would be great.

Throwback photo of a younger you.

Something you feel strongly about?

Love really does exist. In the right places.


Are you messy or neat?

I am without a doubt neat. I love keeping things in place and very tidy.

Hopes for your blog?

To see it flourish into something really big. I want to keep empowering, inspiring and uplifting through my writing and content creation. May ‘The Haut Aesthetics’ be a platform for creatives to reference for decades on decades.

What you ate today?

I was having breakfast when I drafted this post. Plain croissant with scrambled eggs

Your recent clothing item purchase

I got a gorgeous oversized, button-down cardigan for the autumn/winter that I plan on getting so much wear out of.

Does diet really matter in having good skin?

To be honest anything that has to do with skin I always say it depends on you. I don’t follow any diet plan or whatever but my skin is working out pretty good (and I’m sure with a good eating plan it could be better) but for now I don’t plan on changing my eating plan since I’m still exploring. But I won’t dismiss that eating well is good for your body and skin.

What’s your relationship status?

I am currently in a relationship and you can actually check out a post we did together [Read Here: Couples Q&A – Part 1 ].

What keeps you motivated?

Doing anything I love keeps me inspired and motivated.

How to grow a social media presence?

Engagement and consistency.

How do you keep a consistent aesthetic on Instagram?

I usually plan and organize my posts. What also helps is keeping to the sames tones, backgrounds and even filters.

What does your blog name mean?

Haut means ‘high’ so think right up the ladder. Literally Haute without the ‘e’. I have always been drawn to odd and different things including my blog name. I instantly knew I wanted something you don’t come across on a daily. Also, Haute is so over rated.

Describe your personal style

Minimal, chic, timeless and fun.

What is your current hero skincare product/products?


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