Cold Season Skincare

A drop in temperature can without a doubt affect your skin. During the colder seasons you’ll find that your skin becomes a lot dryer due to the cold, dry air. Below I put some tips on which particular ingredients to reach out for, for colder seasons. You may also check out a post I did on adding back hydration to your skin [ Read Here : Ways to keep your skin hydrated ].


Of course I’ll emphasis this first only because I still have encounters where people ask me whether you should be applying SPF during specific climates and NO! you should buy be taking any SPF away from your skin regime it should just stay. With any SPF I believe it’s not a ‘take away’ , ‘put back’ situation it should be a tradition. The best part about is the formula itself. You’ll get that summertime glow even in the cold and it will encourage your natural oils.

The Cleanser

During the colder season your best is switching up your cleanser for one that is more hydrating, because with products that do not provide hydration it will strip off your skin’s current state and leave it dry. Another top tip is trying a mild and gentle cleanser so your skin is not left feeling harsh.

The Moisturizer

It’s quite easy. Spring/Summer calls for lightweight moisturized and Autumn/Winter calls for heavyweight products. You need as much moisturizing as you can possibly get. Anything at this point that can give you a hydro boost.

Toner, serums and oils

Basically throwing on as much hydration as you can. Something lightweight like a toner/serum/oil is great for dealing in and protecting your skin’s surface. This should be done for both your day and night routine.

Additionals – exfoliating, masking

Don’t forget these so you add moisture back to your skin. These will encourage hydration, clean skin and add a good amount of moisture.