The Weekender Series – What I got up to, Nasal Trauma & Knit Loving

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Join me as I share a round-up of things I got up to this week in terms of content creating, dealing with nasal trauma (so Google says), falling in love with knit all over again, self care things and snapping my #ootd.

April 8

I didn’t want to have this post be long so I decided to round up all the images of what I got up to throughout the week. I dedicated this week to content creating and working on the posts (proof reading + editing). With that my nose has been so painful and I just decided to Google it because wow! It literally felt broken. Apparently it’s a nasal trauma thing so I don’t know. It’s still kind of painful but I have to deal with it.

Monday began with an early scramble eggs on a plain croissant before I jumped into getting work done. I actually did a fun blogger tag while eating and you can check it out [ Read Here: Blogger Tag – Get to Know Me ]. I started with recording episode 5 for my podcast ‘Melanin Speaks Golden’ and I immediately thought why not just edit and publish since I didn’t post an episode last week Friday so I got that done. Once I completed that I did some autumn/winter content for both the blog and another project that I’m busy with so that was fun. And just like Monday the rest of the week was a content filled day and prepping posts for the site and you check them all out. I also got gifted these amazing sweater vests which I’ve been so obsessed with.

Cotton On
When you’ve finally completed all your tasks and need a deep water break.

April 9

Friday is usually my self care so to give it a twist I took a walk instead. I went walking around tye neighborhood with my niece and had such a refreshing moment I mean, clear skies, fresh air (nevermind the heat) and some pretty views.

Aunty duties
Clear skies

April 10

Happy weekend!!! I was up super early and decided to take a moment to reflect and I actually watched the sun rise which was beautiful. I literally do not have much content for this day because I really just took time out and relaxed. I put everything aside and spent time chilling out.

April 11

Happy Sunday! Such a chilled day and the weather was just right. J and I had a very relaxed day as supposed to being busy as always. I was so excited to wear my knitted vest out and about and was able to snap my #ootd. I finally had nuggets from McDonald’s which I was craving for the longest time. Sealed the night with my favourite frozen lemonade from Krispy Kreme which was so good as always.

📍 Krispy Kreme, Rosebank

Sabbath day reading:

Never underestimate your worth. If who you are is too much for some, move forward happily and peacefully.

This week was definitely filled with content work and ended with the weekend being all about taking it easy which I am so happy about. See you soon with another catch up series. Until then, take care.


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