The Undoing

And no, not the Nicole Kidman sequel. I recently undid my hair because my growth was showing through my plaits and I just decided that it was time. You guys know that I always update you on my hair journey, especially my natural hair journey that I’ve been openly sharing with all the products and tips I’ve been putting to use. Nothing different to what I’ve ways been doing, I did my routined wash and did my go-to protective style and yes, you guessed it Benny & Betty. This time though I decided to do smaller plaits and blocks in size because I do want my hair to take in all the good stuff from the products I’ve been reaching out for.

So, I always get asked, ‘what has the journey been like’ and confession: I used to dread wash days because they only seemed to bring me a headache. I braid my hair often, so it can be pretty sensitive and hard to detangle once I undo the braids. I would spend hours just combing through the knots and having to deal with putting so much effort in each section of my hair that I’m tired just doing one part. But that’s just it. I’m slowly learning how to braid and do a lot more protective styling so having to think about my next look is entirely up to me and not dependent entirely on firstly finding someone who can braid and whether they can actually do the style.

But in that just like my skin, I’ve come to cherish the ritual of washing my hair. From the prewash treatment that softens it to the deep condition that nurtures it, I’ve learned about the products needed in each step and the purpose they serve. So, no matter where you are in your natural journey it’s all about learning and unlearning. Enjoying the journey has made me love my hair a lot more than I expected. And yes, that’s about it. There’s nothing much to it but just that, that I am grasping onto it all AND I now know more than people I thought actually knew a lot about hair.

If you’ve been on a natural hair journey let me know in the comments below what it’s been like. What have you learned and what has been your favourite part about the journey.