The Weekender Series – Hair Chronicles, Lake Walks & Detoxing

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Join me as I undo my plaits, deal with recovering from nasal trauma and having to face constipation (so uncomfortable btw), take a romantic walk and spend some time with my wig that I haven’t worn in ages and revive it. Also, may I flood this post with ducks please? Whether you answered no, they’re already here. Keep scrolling…

April 14

Start to the new week began with me undoing my hair (I really needed to) especially since my hair growth was showing through the braids and while doing this I also put a post together that you can check out [Read Here: The Undoing ]. I wanted to delay washing it but I just thought about getting it done as soon as I could. I washed and instantly did my Benny and Betty protective style but this time I decided to do the smaller plaits so that I could allow my hair to take in all the product I was putting in. I also wanted to revive my wig which you guys have seen before so I could just put it on for content purposes and if I need to go somewhere. Also, what a week. And actually last week I was dealing with nasal trauma this week, constipation. It has to be the most uncomfortable thing to experience. I’m not complaining about the meds though because honestly it tastes really good, like chocolate. So I used the Agiolax product to detox and get my system back on track.


April 15

This week so delayed in terms of content and getting work done because I wasn’t feeling good. Dealing with the constipation, my tummy not feeling at it’s best and being down and out with my emotions (because you’re allowed to not be okay). I only committed to getting work done from Thursday going into the weekend. But nonetheless time out is necessary and besides dismissing my notifications from my ‘To-do’ lists, I’m feeling better. But first, it’s all about encouraging my tummy to detox itself, I’ve been drinking and eating foods and drinks that will assist in that. I also had fresh milk which I haven’t had in forever since I’ve changed to almond. I thought it would encourage my tummy to do the things BUT this time it didn’t work. J and I went to McDonald’s and I had ice-cream in hopes that it would trigger my tummy (because usually it does) NADA!… So, if you have any recommendations on what to eat or drink for constipation please do comment below.

Wig all washed and revived.

April 16

I had such an early Friday because of some errands I needed to do. Completed that errands run with a cappuccino of course and spent the ret of the morning and early afternoon finishing up work. J and I went to the Zoo Lake for a walk since we haven’t done that in a while. I saw so excited to see the ducks and they honestly a lot friendly compared to the ones at the Botanical Garden (J said it was because they thought we food). Either way I took a million images.

📍 Zoo Lake, Parktown
Pretty Autumn Leaves
Sunset Views

April 17

Ah Saturday… lately my weekend starts off rather chilled. I woke up and had coffee with some chocolate chip cookies which was so yummy. I had a shower and spent the rest of the day lazing out and watching videos. I didn’t do much. Lunch was good I had a homemade spicy rice, vegetables and seafood mix.

April 18

I could literally  on top of a mountain and scream HAPPY SUNDAY! It’s just my favourite day so please excuse me. Anyway, I also wanted to brag about my skin for a bit because WOW! it’s just been behaving and I truly believe the new product I’ve been trying out is a contributer to it. What product you ask? Check it out [Read Here: Hyaluronic Acid + Why you should be using it]. We later went for a walk at our go-to place Botanical Gardens which we haven’t been to in a while and had supper at Foundry.

📍 Foundry

Sabbath Day Message,

It’s all about believing in your vision and your aspirations. Are you willing to sacrifice? Go the extra mile? Give it all up? Yup! Making that dream a reality is a journey on it’s own but it all depend on what you make out of it. This new week approaches in a few hours so why jot down your dreams and aspirations and the PLAN. We know what we want but WHAT IS THE PLAN?

Sending you love and light.


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