Temperature Drop Trends 2020/2021

Hi Loves! Where I’m from the autumn season just kicked in and it surely feels like it’s slowly progressing into a very cold winter. I wanted to share some of my top trend alerts and that I highly recommend investing in this year to not only keep warm but trendy and stylish. These are all my person opinions and I mean you cannot go wrong with these pieces. These are items that are worth the investment and will carry you for a long time. Join me as I share some trends that are flooding my timeline and are for sure trendy whether you’re looking to be all fancy or simple as the temperature drops. Keep scrolling…

Trend Alert – Shoes

I had to put these first because it’s just such an easy and fun category- shoes. These chunky ‘Chelsea’ boots are so trendy and all over my Pinterest, Instagram, you name it. I personally invested in a pair and I am so OBSESSED. I’ll definitely be wearing the life out of it this A/W season. I also did a post on investing in this beaut in case you are considering buying them [Read Here: A/W Lust Worthy Footwear ]. And just like the chunky boots, statement kicks are still trending. It’s not stranger to transitional trends and pairing these with your looks instantly elevates it and adds some character and vibrancy.


Trend Alert – Knitwear

I mean who isn’t a lover of knitwear. Comfy, versatile and transeasonal. It’s a win in boots. Incesting in a good top, overtop, bottom, dress, whatever it may be and you’re set for a lifetime. These are so functional and can complement whatever your personal style may be. I’ve been into the neutral, oversized looks and rocking a simple knitted cardigan makes me feel so fancy, no lie. Need more knitwear inspo? Click the link [Read Here: The Style Edit – Knitwear].


Trend Alert – Coats

From a good trench coat to a classic heavy fabric coat. This is definitely a cooler weather piece you cannot go wrong with. A coat is a perfect investment in locking in your winter looks and requires minimum to no effort at all. Just throw it over a fully dressed look (a warm one btw) and you’re good to go.


Trend Alert – Loungewear

Honestly, I didn’t really know much about loungewear until I actually sat down and went through the whole philosophy about it (okay, philosophy? I’m just exaggerating). But honestly, its such a fancy word for in my world ‘home clothes’. The pandemic is also such a huge contributer to people really diving into investing more in loungewear. Looking to be comfy yet stylish? Loungewear is your friend. I especially like the two-piece items and if you need to run a last minute errands you can just throw on some sneakers or some sandals. I also did a post dedicated to loungewear if you’re looking for more ideas on styling these [Read Here: The Art of Leisure Wear ].


Trend Alert – A Pop Of Colour

Minimalists, let’s take up that challenge. I am yet to find the perfect pop of colour item for my A/W outfits to just adds some sunshine to my looks as supposed to my traditional neutral vibe and will surely take up the challenge. What about you? With everything that’s been happening throughout 2020 to date I think a statement, colorful item would really add some light. It doesn’t need to be anything too bold for your liking but just something you would get if you were not so drawn into minimal pieces.


Trend Alert – Carrier

My favourite fashion category- bags. I love a good, statement, stylish, trendy bag. And just like the warmer season I love a good bag that can carry me through the cooler season. Anythung from a tote for running errands to a statement bag that you wear for your more dressier looks. A good carrier will definitely be part of the trends forever.


Trend Alert – Makeup

I know a lot of beauty influences have been playing around and advancing in their makeup abilities but for this season I am still drawn to the minimal, no makeup – makeup look. I love a bare look with just a bit of product and I am so happy that even through the pandemic people are still enjoying this look. I love how even brands have come out with products like eyeshadow palettes that have tones to complement literally every skin tone.

NARS- quad eyeshadow mojave
CHARLOTTE TILBURY- pillowcase talk intense lipstick

These are just inspirational images I keep on file from social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook ,Who What Wear, NET-A-PORTER and from the brands site as referenced. I do not own any of these images.

So, what’s your favourite trend alert and if you think I missed one do leave it in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check it out.