Shifting Into New Spaces

Yes, you guessed it and if you do often lend an ear to my podcast Melanin Speaks Golden the title of this post may ring a bell. This post is exactly what I share on episode 6, just written. I hope that you will feel inspired, empowered and encouraged to tackle exactly what I highlight in this topic because it’s quite clear – letting go.

There comes a time in each of our lives when we are asked or realize that we need to let go of certain people, places, habits and ideas in order for something new to come our way, to emerge into our lives. No matter the circumstances or the decision you are faced with, letting go can seem like such a difficult and scary thing to do. But hey! Letting go takes strength. It takes courage, some self-love and motivation. What we need to realize is that letting go of things that don’t serve us, our lives would get so much easier. We should become a lot happier and at peace. At peace with ourselves, our lives and even content with what’s happening around us.

Sharing my personal journey with letting go was hard because I had to reevaluate certain habits, people and things that I felt I wanted to let go of. When I had made that decision everything changed for the better. What I’ve also learned is that many of us stay with people, even if they aren’t making us happy but miserable because they obviously have issues that they need to fix. We believe that they can’t possibly get better if we don’t stand by their side. And yes, those are admirable thoughts and I understand they come from a place of love but really, if you love them you should consider letting them go for both their own good and your own. Many of us who stick around because we think we can fix people and that they need us are in fact enabling the damaging behaviour. We tend to overcompensate for their damage perhaps by justifying their actions. So, if someone you’re in any sort of relationship with is struggling in a way that is hurting your relationship, consider letting them go for their own good. So that they have a chance to be healthy and happy and you too. I mean, you’re deserving of that. The goal in life is to be happy. Letting go of someone you love, letting go of a years habits or ideas will make that a possibility of anyone or anything involved.

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