The Sweater Vest Edit

In addition to the post I did on my recent knitted vest purchase, and a styling edit [ Read Here: The Style Edit – Sweater Vest ] I wanted to put together a lookbook/haul type of post where I showcase my go-to ways of styling the sweater vest. If you follow me on social media you should be well aware of all the sweater vest flooding I’ve been doing because well, I’m just in love with them. Join me as I share ways to style these beauts. Keep scrolling…

Look 1

The classic way of styling a knitted vest. Throwing on a timeless, basic shirt underneath with pants are as easy as it gets. This look is easy yet trendy. This look in particular is all over my Pinterest timeline with the traditional white shirt but I wanted to give it a twist with this striped one. Since it is the cold season I’ll be pairing this look with my current favourite chunky boots and yeah, a look. If the temperature does drop I’ll be opting to throw on a jacket or even a really statement yet classic blazer would work great too. Also, this look itself is transeasonal, just swap your boots for your classic black heels and you’re chic, trendy and ready to go.

Look 2

Something I’ve been really into is playing around with texture. Here, I’ve paired the knitted vest with corduroy pants which is such a oldie but goodie. A look like this should definitely be elevated somehow so instead of just throwing on my chunky boots, I’ve decided to pair this look with my heels. The different tones, textures and even play on silhouette add character and make it chic. You can easily pair this with any overtop from a leather jacket to a classic blazer.

Look 3

You guys know I had to include a monochromatic look. Talk about matching tones from the same colour group and creating a look with minimum effort. I wanted to add elements of colour from the same tones yet keep it vibrant by mixing in a dark toned item to the look. It’s fun and easy and such a no brainer. As per usual it can be paired with boots or even sneakers and a jacket or even a coat, a turtleneck underneath, a throw or scarf and maybe a beanie and you’re ready to go.

Look 4

And just like a monochromatic look I had to include a look with denim. A classic, timeless play on the Canadian tuxedo and you’re good to go. A denim-on-denim look is something you can’t go wrong with because you can just add elements to it and somehow it enhances the look. You can also check out my post on this timeless duo [ Read Here: Denim-on-Denim Edit ].

Look 5

A play on silhouette (especially oversized, exaggerated) because you guys know I’m here for it. I wanted to put together a playful look yet trendy and fashionable. This skirt has enough ‘poof’ as is so it definitely adds that oversized look to literally any outfit. I added a turtleneck underneath in case it gets cooler and you’re instantly warm but dressed in minimum.

Look 6

Okay, I added the white shirt look because I couldn’t resist. So, instead of pants I opted for denim bottoms for a chic yet fun look. Honestly, what a vibe. I like how the outfit looks like you’ve put in effort when you’ve done the bare minimum. The elements to this look really just complement each other making it a easy throw on and leave the house look (still fashionable).

Look 7

This is just an idea of how I would just throw the vest on top of a already completed outfit if you should. I have on my classic black pants and completed that look with my black turtleneck which I always turn to during the cooler months. If it does get a lot colder than I can easily throw on a blazer, coat and maybe a jersey around-the-shoulder or a scarf.

Which look is your favourite? Also, if you own or plan on getting a knitted vest let me know how you plan on styling it.


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