Complete Guide to Effectively Improve your Skin

The cold season is upon us and whenever the cool season hit I find myself on the hunt for tips and tricks to improve my skin in any way possible that I can easily do. I wanted to though, focus on skin improvement and just effective things to do to keep my skin in place. Keep scrolling as I share my tips for both healthy and game changing ways.

1. Actually do your p.m routine EVERY NIGHT

Not forgetting to triple cleanse when you’re wearing makeup to remove the product on your face, dirt in your pores and any build up on the skin. So, makeup wearers don’t forget the triple-cleanse method. Alright, back to the title do your full nighttime routine. Outside of cleansing the skin, the application of your nighttime routine is imperative for healthy, beautiful skin. Because the p.m routine can be easily skipped if you drift off to sleep on the couch. Don’t wait until you’re already exhausted to do your routine.

2. Give yourself a facial massage

As often as you can, give yourself a little love. Facial massaging is a great way to energize and stimulate the skin. When we massage our skin we encourage oxygen-rich blood cells to flow to the area of stimulation which makes us glow. It also helps drain lymphatic fluid removing toxins from the skin, which will depuff and allow for our natural contours to be more prominent. Anything from your hands, gua sha and electrical face tools are great.

3. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation is truly the key to keeping the skin youthful. The goal as we age is to keep a very thin, compact outermost layer of skin and a thick dermis. When you constantly hydrate skin that needs exfoliation, you actually build up the dead layer of cells, the products added to the dead cells create a glue-like layer that thickens and gets harder and over time it makes the skin extremely rough and unable to retain moisture. Exfoliating the skin will keep it happy, healthy and functioning it’s best. For me, I love the W-Beauty Exfoliating Cleanser. This one is so great because you can’t overdo it. Keeps my skin glowing and clear.

4. Drink water more often

Drinking water is obviously recommended for all aspects of health and your skin will benefit as well because the state of our gut and internal health is directly link to our skin, how it presents and how it ages.

Below are my hero products from the W-Beauty skincare range. I’ve shared on different posts and with other individuals how effective and great this brand has been for my skin.

I also tried out a sheet mask from the range to add some hydration to my skin and it also has my favourite ingredient hyaluronic acid. I’ve also shared how I love this ingredient for many reasons and you can check it out on a full post dedicated to it and also a product investment with this power ingredient [ Read Here: Hyaluronic Acid + Why you should be using it ].

Take extra care of your skin especially as the season changes. Also, be consistent and patient.


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