The Weekender Series – Site Design Update, Zoo Views & Carrier Obsessing

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Join me as I share a breakdown of what happened this past week and what I got up to on the weekend from redesigning and updating my site, meetings, getting new bags for my collection, catching both sunsets and sunrise. Trying out a new restaurant, visiting a gallery we love, going to Johannesburg zoo and capture the prettiest tigers! Also, check out a fun moment between J and a mountain lion.

May 24

Happy Monday and a great start to the new week with running errands in the morning. I got home pretty early and spent most of my day working and finally decided to revamp the site and give it some touch-ups. If you’re familiar with my previous site design and decided to visit the blog today let me know what you think about the new design? I also haven’t decided whether I want to bring back a display/header image of myself or what direction I will go for.

Screenshot of the updated blog design.
07:00 errands

May 25

First things first, a warm beverage. I had a caramel latte but for some reason I didn’t capture an image of it. Nonetheless, I had a meeting and it was back to prepping work. J and I went out for a lunch break at Mugg & Bean and ah! talk about that greens smoothie that is always so fresh and good! Immediately after lunch it was back to work. We headed out to Sandton City and looked around for some clothing items to add to our closets and just have a look around. We got there in time for some pics and ah! I am so in love with my new bag. I got it in brown, and I just love the soft leather, the size and I’m just into brown so it works pretty well with my A/W look and feel.

📍 Mugg & Bean, Rosebank
📍 Sandton City

May 28

Happy Friday! For starters J showed me this shot of the morning sunrise of both the sky views and moon, and I just had to share it. Also, I wanted to show you my recent bag purchases which are such a dream and I cannot wait to style them (be on the lookout for upcoming posts). The first bag I got is without a doubt JW PEI inspired and I just had to. As I’ve mentioned before I am into the brown tones this season so this bag fits in pretty good. The next two I got from a Cotton On sale and I will say the brown bag is something I have had my eyes on since they’ve placed them in stores. What I like about these bags is that they’re high-end designer inspired, transeasonal, versatile and a bag is such a great accessory for elevating a look.

Vitamin C sorted for the cold season

May 29

Welcome to the weekend and the weekender, of course. We finally went to a gallery which I’ve been longing to go to since the autumn kicked in. We went to the Everard Read gallery in the Rosebank area which we’ve been to before [ Read Here: The Weekender Series – Art, Haircare & Coffee Dilemma Update ] and no I didn’t have wine at the gallery someone actually forgot about their glass of wine and it just felt right to take a snap with it. For a late breakfast, early lunch we tried out a restaurant which is opposite the gallery Scotto Sopra and the food was AMAZING! I tried a pizza which had avocado, feta, spinach and chicken (initially the dish comes with bacon but I don’t eat pork so they replaced it with chicken instead). J had a pasta dish which looked good (he didn’t want to share so it had to be that good). We took the car to get washed around the Emmarentia area to kill time for our movie which started at six. We watched the movie Spiral which serves the ninth installment in the Saw film series. It has a great black lead cast by Chris Rock who is the executive producer of the movie and Samuel L Jackson who plays his dad. For supper we went to Piza Vino which has featured many times on the series. I had a traditional ‘dirty’ mac and cheese and J had a beef and vegetable dish with a mushroom sauce on the side.

📍 Everard Read Gallery, Rosebank
Nelson Makamo
📍Scotto Sopra
📍 Piza Vino, Rosebank

May 30

Sunday Sunday Sunday…my favourite day. This weekend turned out to be one where we’ve gone to places that we haven’t been at for a while. For starters we went to the gallery on Saturday and on Sunday we decided to go to the zoo. It was so fun and we actually went a different route this time because the zoo is pretty big I mean, we got to see tigers up close thanks to J drawing their attention and of course I had to see a zebra somehow. We also saw giraffes which we did not see the last time. If you are interested in seeing our first adventure to the zoo you can check out a post I did [ Read Here: The Weekender Series – Zoo visits, Garden Walks & Wine ]. The experience was definitely different this time because we cut the trip short and just wanted to focus on seeing animals we hadn’t seen the previous time. I was also so excited to pair my look with my recent carrier purchase. You can check out a short clip of our adventure and a fun moment with J playing around with a mountain lion.

📍 Johannesburg Zoo
📍 Sandton City
📍Spur, Rosebank

Below is a short clip of different moments I caught our friends on video.

Happy Sabbath Day Thoughts,

I think this is something that a lot of us can relate to and honestly a space I’ve been in for the longest time. I always say that ‘you gotta bring something to the table besides your plate’ and if I am not getting the same energy that I reciprocate I don’t want that relationship or anything to do with that energy. Stay in your lane and play it safe so you’re quietly achieving and living happy in your journey.