Top Cult Buys According to My Timeline

When you’re constantly spending time looking through clothes as I do, you instantly start picking up specific details on things. Whether it’s spotting a particular print that’s trending, a colour or even a designer/brand. Recognising trends is simply a part of the job, and as everything takes place online I often find myself making subconscious mental notes of the most popular trends I see on my timeline like Pinterest and Instagram. While I wouldn’t attribute the coveted “cult buy” status to just any product, I have spotted four particular items already this autumn that I believe deserve that exclusive title following their appearances on most of my go-to bloggers or just fashion individuals I follow. From the “toddler” shoe to the chunky “Chelsea” inspired, these cult buys are everywhere.

Below I share an edit of these trends currently flooding my timeline.

The Quilted Jacket/Coat

Think ‘updated bomber’. It’s like wearing a duvet, so soft, warm and feels like you never left your bed. They are filled with down insulation or synthetic fibers, both of which can provide a high level of warmth depending on how well they are made and the quality.

MATCHESFASHION – MAISON MARGIELA, double breasted quilted shell coat
JIL SANDER – reversible water repellent quilted bomber jacket
MATCHESFASHION – GIVENCHY, logo print hooded quilted shell coat

The Statement Carrier

This season (and for the longest time) has been about the statement bag. The kind not everyone would go for. But besides the shape, colour and look of it I’ve been spotting bloggers rocking the soft, gathered leather kind. I personally love the look and feel it gives an outfit. It’s an instant elevation. I also recently got myself a gathered, soft leather number that you can get a better glimpse of and similar recommendations [ Read Here: A/W Carrier Freshness ].

MATCHESFASHION – BOTTEGA VENETA, the pouch large leather clutch bag
MANGO – round small bag
MATCHESFASHION – BOTTEGA VENETA, the shoulder pouch large leather bag

The Fisherman Sandals

These ancient styled footwear is in the center of trends right now. They are designed this way (in a fisherman’s world) to allow water to drain for the foot. These are on high trend alert and it’s no wonder- they are practical, wearable and good value.

THE ROW – fisherman sandal in leather
ARKET – cage leather sandals
NET-A-PORTER – PORTE & PAIRE, leather sandals

The Cardigan

The most elegant and modest piece to own. All it takes is a few smart styling choices to turn a simple button-up sweater into something that’ll really elevate a look. Warm, stylish, easy and transeasonal. You just can’t go wrong.

ARKET – alpaca blend cropped cardigan
MATCHESFASHION – KHAITE, scarlet flared sleeve cashmere cardigan
MANGO – nacre buttoned cardigan

The Buttery Hues

Sorbet inspired colours are the perfect option for summer and now winter as they suit a variety of skin tones. From a statement boiler suit or an oversized trench (oh, a soft lavender in this please). Suits, separates, they just look good. The idea of soft, buttery hues is without a doubt an aesthetic and remains one of the chicest styles for seasons to come.

MANGO – flared sleeve cotton shirt
MATCHESFASHION – ASCENO, athens organic linen robe
MANGO – 100% linen jacket

The Chunky Boot

Looking to edge up your look? A good pair of these should do. This is definitely a comfortable, yet fun way to elevate your looks. Whether it’s running errands, getting dressed up or just keeping it casual. It will definitely make a statement. I also share my very own pair that I own and similar shopping recommendations [ Read Here: A/W Lust Worthy Footwear ].

NET-A-PORTER – GIANVITO ROSSI, leather chelsea boots
NET-A-PORTER – ANN DEMEULEMEESTER, leather ankle boots
ARKET – chunky sole leather boots

These are just inspirational images I keep on file from social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook , MATCHESFASHION, NET-A-PORTER and from the brands site as referenced. I do not own any of these images.