Being at Peace is the Ultimate Position of Power

Yes I wore pink and just like the quote “never put the key to your happiness in somebody else’s pocket”, your peace should be just as important to protect. Putting this post together made me think about how so many people spend their entire lives searching for and striving for things they think will bring them everlasting peace and happiness. Well, I’ve got news for you (and me) END THAT SEARCH TODAY! Why? Because chances are that you’re looking for peace in places it cannot be found. Endless peaceful peace can truly be found within. Things like uncovering stillness, learning to love yourself, learning to accept yourself, practicing gratitude, acknowledging your fears, realizing your soul is infinite, remembering life is a journey, and most importantly finding your power.

When you begin to realize that life is all just an experience and all you ever have is the present moment, you can start using the power within you. Sometimes it is hard to let go of a past that cannot change. It has happened, right? It is even difficult to stop living without constantly thinking about what tomorrow will bring. The future and the past are both things that will only ever exist in our minds. All we ever have is right now. What you choose to do right now is how you choose to live your life. Choose to live your life here, not stuck in some memory and not ten steps ahead. Be here right now. Be present where you are and you will find your inner peace. It is okay if being present is something you have not practiced doing before. So, find your inner peace and run towards it. Start right now. It’s a superpower no one can take from you.

What does complete peace look like for you? And what will you do to get there?