Transeasonal Looks – Couple Edition

In addition to all things fashion I wanted to do a style edit based off events I’m most likely to dress up or even down for. But they wouldn’t be complete without my partner who I am also most likely to be seen with at these places. We are both such minimalists, love fashion and personal styling. These looks are transeasonal and can easily be layered with or worn as is dependent on the season. Sharing an interest like fashion is absolutely fun especially when we’re doing it together. Join us as we uncover and share 5 of our go-to looks when either going for a date night or just lazing around.


This has been the term used for ‘working from home’ since the pandemic started. I think for us it’s all about comfort and dressing up in such a way that is practical for what we’re individually doing on that day. J spends a work day through Zoom meetings, presentations basically sitting in front of a laptop for most of the day so you can imagine that comfort is the first thing that comes to mind. For me on the other hand it depends on what my day is scheduled for. If I have a content filled day it’s about waking up in pjs and proceeding the day with multiple outfit changes and than likely ending it when the same pjs which will probably be lying around somewhere. If it’s a day filled with editing and just sitting in front of my laptop I am likely to be found in loungewear. Although it’s not a constant thing. I enjoy my comfortable yet chic pants and a pretty top. J shares a look with a classic blue shirt and navy bottoms with brown shoes and the outfit instantly looks put together.

The Casual Look

And just like WFH outfits, any casual look is all about comfort and practicality. As I’ve mentioned before we are both such minimal individuals and a good basic in our world goes a long way. I am a lover of basic white tees and definitely own more than one, because why not. A classic blue denims and a white shirt to add some flare to the look. Throwing on a statement bag for any errands that may pop up. J is wearing a my curent favourite colour groups and always does well in incorporating similar tones together. A classic pair of denims and you’re good to go.

Day-to-Day Outing

Anything from a gallery visit, a lunch date, driving out to a botanical garden walk or a movie date. Think dressy but with minimum effort. I really appreciate looks that appear to be as if you’ve put in tons of effort when you’ve done the bare minimum. I immediately think about three things: where are we going, what’s weather like and do I really want to wear this look? For J it’s all about function. I have slowly fallen back in love with blazers which was ones a lost love and J is without a doubt into corduroy. These mixtures of colours make our outfits individually stylish and even better together. Talk about textures, tones and the feel of the look itself.

The Date Night

Probably the hardest for me in all honesty because I’m such a pants girl and although I don’t mind a dress I sometimes find it hard to dress up ‘girlish’. My personal style does consist of both feminine and masculine touches but the dude in me just always wants to be dressed up in pants. Do you relate? But when I really go all out and make an effort I can pull off a pretty good feminine, pretty touch to my looks and I think for J it comes naturally because he has a way of making it work regardless (I think date nights are just his thing).


As the youngsters would say. This is definitely our match made in heaven look. We don’t often match but on a day when we do this is an idea of the looks. We do own similar basic tops like the one featured on this look and I thought it would be fun to share. Like I said we don’t often dress exactly alike but why do I feel like we should do it more often…nonetheless, looks like this are fun and a great way to add to the experience.

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