My Hero Skincare Haul

I woke up this morning and decided to declutter both my makeup and skincare bags and felt so inspired to share the skincare range that I am always raving about and this brand is no stranger to the site. And just like that bold introduction I wanted to lay out the current products I’ve been using from the brand that are my hero products. My skin has been improving, feels and looks good and I am just so impressed with how the range has individually contributed to that. The products have effective ingredients and work really well. Join me as I share 5 picks from the W-Beauty skincare range that are my O.G favourites.

Exfoliating Cleanser

This happens to be my very first purchase from the range. I remember looking at reviews and wanted something that I wouldn’t need to use often (just in case it would damage my skin in any way). This exfoliator leaves my skin so firm, clean and plump. It deeply cleanses and removes impurities while maintaining ph balance and moisture.

Micellar Water

With vitamin complex, this product is AMAZING! I immediately apply it after cleansing and my skin feels refreshed and my pores feel clean. I love that it’s suitable for normal to dry skin because I do find that my skin falls in between the two (good for sensitive skin too). Hypo-allergenic and derma tested.

Brightening Dark Spot Corrector + Mattifying Spot Corrector

These are two of my favourite mini products and so easy to just apply on. The brightening corrector is something I am constantly applying onto any spots that are either new or old. It’s great because it has vitamin complex, pollushield (which is a functional ingredient) and luminia granatum. My other favourite mini friend is the mattifying spot corrector with oil control is great for any blemishes, spots and discolourations.

Sheet Mask

I don’t limit myself to just this mask in particular since the range has a variation of sheet masks. This week though I decided to try the soothing sheet face mask with allantoin which soothes and softens for supple feeling skin. Contains all the goodies like vitamin A, E & C.

I love how the brand stands by ‘Beauty without Cruelty’. Approved by a toxicologist, dermatologically tested and paraben free.