Ways to Improve your Sleep

Sleep, sleep, sleep. The one thing we all wish to have more of and the one thing life prevents us from getting enough of (for so many reasons). When thinking about bettering or improving sleep the obvious comes to mind- don’t drink caffeine before bed, go to bed early, reduce blue light exposure in the evening, try keep to a consistent sleep routine and maybe consider a melatonin supplement. Of course for some these work, going to bed and getting up at the same time every day should improve your quality of sleep. Limiting the difference in your sleep schedule by no longer than an hour and just overall reinforcing a disciplined cycle should help. Although, to some these tips and Google researched guidance don’t quite work as effectively.

I wanted to cover how to improve sleep because in random conversations and just by listening to talks I’ve come to realize that it is indeed a prominent problem. I personally don’t always get the best of sleep so these tips and research definitely apply to you and I both. Let’s dive into it.

Ready to actually sleep?

5 Ways to improve sleep

  1. Stop watching the time

I do this ALL THE TIME! and honestly it’s hard but try avoid looking at the time and thinking about how many hours you’ve got left to sleep. The worst part is that some of us have to get up, switch the light on or check our screens to check the time.

2. Establish a sleep routine

Both your brain and body know when it’s time to wind down for the day depending on what you’re doing. So, establishing your own bedtime routine can be really helpful for this. And of course this will vary for everyone, try be disciplined and be patient.

3. Sleep when you’re tired

Try and avoid naps but I will say if you feel too exhausted and need one, go for it! But do try and avoid them if possible, to ensure that you’re actually tired by bedtime. I struggle with this more often than I should because once I feel a slight bit of tiredness I want to head to bed and nap. I’d find myself sleeping for longer than I intended and can’t catch any sleep by bedtime so I definitely NEED to put this into play.

4. Create the atmosphere

This is only if you’re able but try to switch up your bedroom and make it a place you want to be in. Make it a room that aids relaxation. Try and not have your room too hot- but add extra blankets for warmth. Light blocking blinds and neutral tones.

5. Limit your screen time

This is quite easy and straight to the point. Things like watching TV, being busy on your phone, computer anything that has light coming through will trick your body into thinking it’s daytime. Reduce light intake at night.

These are the first steps into trying and I will definitely be covering a part two of this post with additional tips for now, let’s put these into play so we can slowly get our bodies into better sleeping spaces.