Black Hosted Podcasts to Listen to Today

I remember when the pandemic began and I found myself searching and wanting more to either watch, read or listen. Netflix, Youtube, reading articles and books, radio, whatever it was I was always ready for it. But something was missing and I instantly found myself listening to podcasts. It influenced me in such a positive, new light that I felt so inspired to launch my own. I had a story to tell and so much advice to give. Podcasts are so amazing and I feel that black people – black women especially have gone unheard and underrepresented in traditional media.

Although, we are now able to take control and create our own lane for our voices to be heard through media, podcasts have definitely been a means to do so. A take on politics, beauty, trends, wellness, relationships, spirituality, sex, whatever it is. Mine in particular is centered around self-improvement and having intimate conversations based off the everyday life and finding positive ways to deal with them. I could go on and on about my podcast but I wanted to shift the focus on black hosted podcasts who I’ve been listening to who have inspired me in so many ways. These are all black, empowering and powerful women.

Passing Through – Nneka Julia

Shares revelations and wisdom collected through travel, conversation, and self-education.

The Michelle Obama Podcast – Michelle Obama

Features the Former First Lady diving into conversations about the relationships in our personal lives that make us who we are.

Jesus and Jollof – Luvvie Ajayi & Yvonne Orji

Two proudly Nigerian women talking about the things they love, their stories and life in general.

The Suga – Tika Sumpter & Thai Randolph

A brown mamas guide to the sweet life. Laugh, learn, love and celebrate both sisterhood and motherhood.

Woman Evolve – Sarah Jakes Roberts

Join Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts as she shares her take on the week’s top stories in news and entertainment.

Truth Be Told – Tanya Mosley

An advice podcast that explores how you can be you in a world that doesn’t want you to be. We’re like the friend you call after a long, exhausting day – the one will laugh, cry and moan with you. The one who gets it.

Happy Black Woman – Rosetta Thurman

This podcast is about empowering women to transform their lives through personal development and entrepreneurship.

Hey, girl – Alex Elle

Is a podcast created with sisterhood and storytelling in mind. Podcast guests gives us a peek into their stories through candid conversations.

And just in case you’ve never listen to my podcast, please lend an ear. Check the details below:

Melanin Speaks Golden – Ayanda Adams

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