A 90s Style Edit

Reminiscing on my [ Read Here: 90s Style Inspired ] post and felt so inspired to recreate another throwback styled post and reflecting on looks from the 90s, a time when the grunge movement created an army of both men and women alike wearing heavy-duty, combat boots. They wear tough, gritty and paired with everything from slip dresses and florals to flannel shirts and oversized to frayed jeans. The minimalist trend also had it’s staple shoe in the way of Birkenstocks. A common style amongst women were oversized sweaters, low heel shoes, solid colours, silk shirts, cardigans and army surplus clothing to name a few. And just like the 90s, throwback trends are timeless and always make a comeback, somehow. Both social media and brands proves that learning how to dress 90s will score you major points especially when you implement elements of this era in your modernised personal style. Lately though, the minimalist are sticking to the relaxed, sport and cool quality of this decade (hello dad trainers). If you’re looking to throw in some 90s to your style you can always check out platforms like Pinterest where you’ll be able to find celebrities like Zoë Kravitz and Rihanna to name a few who have been able to fit this decade into their modern styles.

Below are street style inspired images from the 90s which you can recreate and still look modern, trendy and stylish.

The 90s Style

These are just inspirational images I keep on file from social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook , MATCHESFASHION, NET-A-PORTER and from the brands site as referenced. I do not own any of these images.