The Weekender Series – Spain Goods, Sunsets & Good Food

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Join me as I try out my very first clay mask, vibe-out at a really cool restaurant, enjoy sunsets, some good food at familiar and new places, and get gifted Mango bags from J all the way from Spain (so yes, a proper hunt). Putting these recent ‘Weekender’ content has been making me so hungry lol, I mean the food we’ve been having lately is just that good.

August 6

If there’s one thing I like about Fridays is the fact that it excites me about the weekend. I always look forward to ending the week off with something different each time. This Friday I wanted to try-out a clay mask just because I’ve never really tried one. I am honestly such a sheet mask girl so I was looking forward to it. Instead of getting a big tub I got this small Detoxifying Clay Mask from Woolworths Food and I opted for the one with charcoal powder (they have such a wide range). What do I think? I’ll definitely be getting a bigger tub next time. It feels so good on my skin and I instantly feel refreshed after cleansing. It really feels like it does what it says. I mean drawing out impurities from the skin is important and so beneficial for your skin. J also prepped a yummy grilled chicken breasts and vegetables meal with avocado on the side. It was so good! For supper I made a creamy chicken pasta dish and enjoyed a plain sundae.

August 7

Welcome to the weekend. We started our day around the afternoon and grabbed lunch at Fish Monger which is no stranger to the series. Usually I would order they seafood pasta but decided to try something different and had a grilled hake with lemon butter and some veggies on the side (only my favourite, a good old’ creamy spinach and pumpkin). J tried their chicken schnitzel with the same sides. He was happy with his meal, I mean we’ve had a not-so-good chicken schnitzel from Bootlegger [ Read Here: The Weekender Series – Art, Haircare & Coffee Dilemma Update ] so it was good to hear that he was enjoying his meal. Did I mention that my starter was sushi (ya’ll know I love myself some sushi). We headed for our movie date and watched ‘Old’ a thriller about a family on a tropical holiday who discover that the beach they relaxing on is somehow causing them to age rapidly. It’s an interesting one so I recommend you check it out. For supper we went to Piza Vino before calling it a night.

📍Fish Monger
📍Piza e Vino

August 8

My favourite day and also such a special one because J took me to two of his favourite restaurants. These were places he would always go to with his work mates and he hasn’t been here in over two years. Sharing this moment with him was and still is so important to me. It definitely brought back some good memories for him. We started off at the car wash and immediately headed out and our first stop was Living Room which is such a vibe. I love the space and direction with the plants and the music it’s just so cool. I had smoothie which was AMAZING! I am definitely going back for that. It had ginger, berries, banana, coconut milk and honey. J had their minty drink which is such a laid back refreshing drink. For food I had their chicken wrap with fries on the side and J had their steak with both a salad and fries on the side. J also had a brownie for dessert and unfortunately I didn’t have any because I am recovering from a cold. After that we went to one of his favourite places to get some good food which is from a place called Ravioli. The food was DELICIOUS! Uh, can we go back please? I had a pasta dish with prawns, curry, chilli and cream. J had a pasta dish as well with chicken and peppers. It sounds simple but trust me it’s really good.

📍Living Room, Maboneng
📍Ravioli, Maboneng

August 11

Wednesday things equals running errands and getting some work done. We spent the rest of our day doing work at Vida Cafe in Rosebank because we had things to do. For lunch we went to Fournos and I had a salmon bagel and J had a macon, avocado and feta wrap.

📍Fournos, Rosebank

August 12

How lucky am I? J surprised me with bags that I could have only imagined myself owning. I mean the lengths to get them and finally Mango in Spain had them. Be on the lookout to get a proper glimpse of my recent beauts.

See you on my next series. Take care.