The M U S E series presents individuals with compelling personalities in a new light. In this virtual interview series we get up close with their skincare journey featuring authentic shots through their own lens.

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Meet Tanya Kleinsmith, Digital Marketer & Dog Mom

HAUT : Describe what you do
TANYA : I work at a super rad Digital Marketing Agency called OMM.

HAUT : What’s your skin type
TANYA : I have Combination skin, so my T-Zone is a tad oily and the rest of my face is normal.

HAUT : Tell us about your current skin care routine
TANYA : I believe that when you use quality skincare, your routine doesn’t need to be complicated. In the mornings, I wash my face with the Lelive Jelly Splash cleanser. I then use the Skoon “The One” Super Moisturiser on my face and gently dot some Avene Under Eye Cream to my bottom and top lids. At night, I use the Jelly Splash Cleanser again, along with my Lumispa. I use a CBD night cream some nights, and other nights I use the Teaology Happy Skin Beauty Balm. Once or twice a week, I apply my Skoon Wow Wow Wonder serum before my moisturiser.

HAUT : What’s one thing you wished you learned sooner with regards to skin (yours in particular)
TANYA : One thing I wish I learned sooner with regards to my skin is that although it always appeared oily and therefore not dry, my skin had actually been super dehydrated for a long time. After learning this from a beauty therapist who was giving me a facial, I stopped opting for “mattifying” moisturisers and I now make sure that whatever moisturiser I use, it’s hydrating my skin.

HAUT : Your favourite skincare brand
TANYA : Currently, my favourite skincare brand is Skoon. Their products are absolutely amazing! Plus, they’re cruelty free. Added bonus! 

HAUT : What’s the last skin care product you finished and would you purchase it again?
TANYA : The last skin care product I finished was my Skoon. The One Super Moisturiser. I just recently ordered a new one. It’s the bomb dot com and has done wonders for my skin!

HAUT : Any skin care tricks or tips to share
TANYA: Keep it simple and use as many natural products as possible.

HAUT : Skincare words of encouragement
TANYA: Skin care is definitely a journey. Remember that hormones and what you eat play a large role in your skin. Treat it with love and care, from the inside out. Invest in good quality products where possible. Drink lots of water.

Treat it with love and care, from the inside out.

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