August Skin Freshness

For the month of August I’ve been having a up, down relationship with my skin. Where I’m from this month is usually a very windy, dusty time so you’ll usually find that for anyone really, your skin attracts that dirt. Now, for starters we don’t want dirty, clogged up pores so it’s about making sure that your skin gets extra care just like every other change in climate. Dry winter weather really takes a toll on my skin (not drastically) but around this time, the air just overall sucks and moisture gets drawn out of skin. Luckily for me though I’ve done my research and I’m well aware of what ingredients work well with my skin (and some that I can add to my routine to add that extra moisture and needed care).

As you guys know, I do love trying out new products (especially a brand range that I already know well of) and I’ve been in a space of trying out clay masks so to make myself feel a lot better I’ve been reaching out to these small clay masks from Woolworths Food and I’ve only just tried a second product from the range since surprisingly it lasts a good three occasions of masking which I didn’t expect judging off from the packaging. The first mask I tried was the Detoxifying Clay Mask with Charcoal Powder which draws out impurities from the skin (it actually does) you instantly feel it from that first cleanse.

With that baby all done I decided to try out another one since I am loving the range thus far. I recently got the Nourishing Clay Mask with Avocado extract which moisturizes and refines skin. There’s a wide range of these and I will definitely be trying them all out until I figure out which one I want to really invest in. I’m so happy they made these so that once you’re 100%, you can go back and get the bigger tub.

W-Beauty and my skin are going for a lifetime ride for sure. The range from this brand just works so well with my skin that whenever we get the opportunity to stop by I reminisce deep down how great it would be to try out the entire range. One step at a time though. I recently got this Foaming Cleanser product as my next product from the W-Beauty range. So far, it feels good on my skin. I recently had a breakout and I’ve been using it for my post-breakout and it’s been doing so well in making sure the area is hydrated, clean and it actually helped clear out the area. I don’t often get breakouts, I usually just get that one pimple that would just pop out of nowhere and trust it’s always painful so for me it’s about working hard to reducing those. I will say though, this range has been my most trusted brand for my skin and yes, I will definitely someday find better products but for now this works. I hardly breakout, my skin feels and looks good AND it’s underbudget.

These are all recent skincare products I added to my range. If you’ve added some recent products let me down what you got and whether it’s working effectively for you.