Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Denim is such a classic, timeless, effortless and the perfect piece to own. As a minimalist a good amount of denim pieces is essential and undoubtedly the backbone of my wardrobe. Transeasonal, worn casual, dressier, a night out, an intimate party, whatever. It just works. I’ve had my fair share of good denim bottoms (and tops) but this time around I got my hands on a really good pair. It’s the perfect fit, wash and obviously so easy to style around – you get the drift.

I’ve got over 4 posts dedicated to my recent denim bottoms and I think the denim talk won’t end just yet. My very first denim post was a style edit [ Read Here: The Style Edit – Denim ] when I invested in the curvy denim high-waist from H&M which was a style range of denim bottoms on a budget varying from black to blue washes, cuts and style (mom-jeans, straight-fit, skinny). I got these in both a black and a classic blue wash. I went about sharing my opinion on them on a post I covered early this year [ Read Here: The Denim Find – Fit, Look & Style ] and a pair I got from the Factorie brand which I actually cut-off (I had these for years and they were wearying off) and in this post I styled these 3 ways [ Read Here: Elevating the Denim & T Combo ]. I found that post fun because I got out of my comfort zone and just wanted to give that particular style of jeans a try because I wouldn’t really invest in one. And if you haven’t had enough of denim I also did a denim edit styling my curvy denim investments [ Read Here: The Denim Edit – Styling the Hero of Basics ]. My last post was a canadian tuxedo inspired [ Read Here: Denim-on-Denim Edit ] and here we are on another denim inspired by my recent purchase. I’ve had a light-washed pair before but not as light in colour like these. I look forward to getting more wear out of these and taking on that style challenge.