What Would I Wear

Hi Loves! As you’ve probably seen by the title of this post I am putting together a ‘what would I wear’ piece where I’ll be sharing different outfits that I would likely be seen in dependent on the occasion. People always look to my profile for style inspiration so I thought why not reshare style images you’ve probably seen on my social networks. I also came across this type of challenge after reflecting back on the blogger challenge I did a while back [ Read Here: Blogger Tag – Get to Know Me ] and it seemed fun to do so why not? I’ll be covering 4 different occasions varying from Zoom meeting days especially when you have a presentation and all eyes are on you to attending an intimate baby shower or even birthday.

Below are style visuals of what I would wear dependent on the occasion.

Coffee Date

When I think about a coffee date I want comfortable yet stylish. I am always down for a day out having a cappuccino or even a classic iced coffee. But trust that I will want some photos with my drink and my outfit because that’s a combination that never goes out of style. I recently got this classic, timeless pleated skirt which I’ve been hunting down for ages looking for the perfect length and fit. A good mix of textures is something I always get excited about. Pairing this quilted jacket, this pleated skirt, leather boots and a good bag and I am so ready for that date. This is more of a cold season look so if you’re currently experiencing the cooler weather you can check how to style a quilt jacket [Read Here: Styling the Quilted Jacket for Winter ]. For a warmer climate I would just swap the jacket for a basic tee and my boots for either my chunky flip flops or sneakers.

Run Errands

A day for errands calls for any breathable outfit that won’t feel too tight or uncomfortable by the middle and end of the day but let me throw in, fashionable too. This look was actually what I wore on a day out [ Read Here: The Weekender Series – New Series, Hike Trails & Frappuccino Obsessing ] and I also covered a post on the leather blazer which I recently got with additional ways to style it [ Read Here: Faux Leather Blazer Investment ]. So, because I’ve worn this look before I can stand by the fact that it is comfortable and a perfect ‘run errands’ look in my books.

Zoom Meeting

Okay, you’ve got a presentation to give and most definitely all eyes and ears will be on you. What comes to mind? A trendy, statement item that will stand out for sure. Perhaps a bold top, a fancy dress with pretty sleeves or a really classic blazer that has timeless elements like a necklace paired with rings and maybe a watch. I recently got this top that has these elevated sleeves and gorgeous neckline. I absolutely love the colour and feel of this top. With your hair pushed to the back with statement earrings and you’ll really stand out.

Intimate Event

I hardly attend intimate events but if I ever was invited to one this would be my look. You can never go wrong with a trendy, fashionable dress that speaks to the mood. I recently got this dress and surprisingly love the print. I’m definitely into a different vibe this spring/summer [Read Here: The Mood-Lifting Dress ] and I love a dress that can be worn for all seasons and this is perfect for that. I also have two more options. Check out my pink exaggerated silhouette dress and this gorgeous knit dress. A look like this paired with either trainers or sandals and a really good bag and you’re ready to go.

What’s your favourite look? Also, let me know what occasion you enjoy dressing up for.

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