The Weekender Series – DUNE, Ducks & Outdoor Activities

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Join me as I plan photoshoots to build my personal styling portfolio, hike, watch new movies like DUNE and Halloween Kills, indulge in some good pasta dishes, and just have an all round calm weekend.

October 27

If you have noticed I’ve just added my personal styling ‘portfolio’ onto the website for any styling gigs any one wants to work with me on. Building it clearly needs more work but for now I’ve been styling and shooting either myself, my sister and literally whoever is down for it. It’s great this way because there’s a variety of individuals to work with and I get to show my skills and add that on my ‘portfolio’.

I also picked up a Maybelline package which I am planning on shooting content in so be on the lookout for that.

📍Hyde Park

October 28

A beautiful, calm Thursday and a hiking day planned. It was so refreshing going out and being one with nature. I’ve been to this hiking trail before but haven’t done all the trails so it was so good seeing a different side to the place.

📍Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

October 30

Okay, I think the weather is finally opening up (I could be wrong) because whew, it was such a hot day. We started our day off by grabbing a healthy breakfast at Kauai. I had the princess wrap with an all the greens drink (my favourite) and J had a cheese burger with a berry smoothie (forgot to snap an image of that I don’t know why, actually I do, I was starving). We booked a movie for later on that evening so we instead decided to go to the shops, go for a short walk at our favourite spot and headed over to the cinema. We watched Halloween Kills which if you haven’t, you need to watch from the very first Halloween movie to understand the storyline better. But if you are familiar with it, in this one the nightmare isn’t over as unstoppable killer Michael Myers escapes from Laurie Strode’s trap to continue his ritual bloodbath. Injured and taken to the hospital, Laurie fights through the pain as she inspires residents of Haddonfield, Ill., to rise up against Myers. Taking matters into their own hands, the Strode women and other survivors form a vigilante mob to hunt down Michael and end his reign of terror once and for all.

It was good although I was a bit disappointed at how it all played out to be honest. Watch it and let me know what your thoughts are. For supper we went to Doppio
Zero. I had a seafood pasta and J had a fish, mint flavoured peas and sweet potatoe mash.

📍Kauai, Rosebank
Emmarentia Dam
📍Doppio Zero, Rosebank

October 31

Don’t be mad but I haven’t been doing well with capturing moments lately and I blame the space I’m in. I think it’s creative drought which I’m totally fine with and allowing myself to go through. I don’t expect myself to be in this constant creative space. I hope anyone going through a challenging time finds their silver lining.

It was a rather chilled Sunday. We started our day off by grabbing food at BGR in Rosebank, we watched DUNE which was AMAZING! It’s a must watch. It’s a great movie about Paul Atreides, a brilliant and gifted young man born into a great destiny beyond his understanding, must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to ensure the future of his family and his people. As malevolent forces explode into conflict over the planet’s exclusive supply of the most precious resource in existence, only those who can conquer their own fear will survive. It was really good. A 10/10. We grabbed supper at Mr George (my favourite restraurant). I tried a aperol spritz cocktail which was so good, a pasta bake and J had their calamari pasta.

📍Mr George, Melrose Arch