The Weekender Series – Lunch Date, Rain & Hair Update

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Join me as I share some recent adventures I got up to including a H&M launch, go on a lunch date, undo my hair, and watch the new movie Eternals.

November 5

A great kickstart to a Friday is a good drink (in my world a coffee or smoothie will do). We headed over to H&M to check out the launch of Neimil founded by Keneilwe Mothoa and Lubabalo Mxalisa.
The brand is in partnership with H&M Home and is about celebrating creative freedom and expression and being true and authentic. The pieces are so artsy and will definitely add some playfulness to any space. Shoutout to the lovers. I get so excited every time I see a couple or couples working together on projects or starting businesses together and using their individual skills and knowledge and putting it into one thing. We made a few runs around the mall and ended the night with supper at Spur.

📍 Vidae Cafe, Rosebank
📍Sandton City

November 6

I went on a lunch date with my cousins. It wasn’t anything fancy but it was fun. We had lunch (which went into the late afternoon thanks to all the wine talk) at Spur, did some window shopping, and went to our next stop since we did not want to head home early. We had pizza and drinks at Del Forno, Life Grand Cafe was pretty inside but that’s for a budget we didn’t plan for. I got home and was knocked out (was I tipsy…I don’t know). Ever since I got vaccinated the only symptom I’ve been dealing with is massive headache (which I do already get) but it has made it worse. I am thinking about taking a alcohol detox for a bit and until I get my second shot. The only problem is… it’s the festive season who wouldn’t want a glass of wine to celebrate, right?

📍Spur, Mall Of The South

November 7

Eternals just came out in cinemas (The Eternals, a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers who have secretly lived on Earth for thousands of years, reunite to battle the evil Deviants. Starring Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek and surprisingly, Harry Styles) and we went to watch it. We had lunch at Casa Bella and the food was really good. I tried out a Piña colada cocktail for the first time… not sure actually. I don’t know whether I enjoyed it or not. We ended the night sitting close to the dam and watching the raining.

November 8

Okay…I got the date wrong. And no, not the date of this entry but the date of my second vaccine shot. I honestly thought it said November 8th but it’s actually December 8th. I don’t know how I missed that. Dealing with these headaches and just depending on water and panados to do the trick. A little H&M run won’t hurt and watching the sun set.

November 9

Not being able to stomach much lately and not eating the way I usually do, I’ve been having very light meals. I decided to have boiled eggs for breakfast and proceeded undoing my braids. For lunch I had noodles and added some soy sauce so that I don’t lose my appetite easily because the spice that comes with the noodle packaging is too blend for me. After doing my go-to Benny & Betty hairdo, I spent my evening watching Black Mirror.

See you on my next series. Take care.