Walking On Sunshine

Remember Haut 2018/2019 open field content? That’s the inspiration.

Starting the year on a high, positive note. I definitely have all these great thoughts and emotions because with affirming on a daily, manifesting, praying and getting in touch with my spiritually I have sat with one thing on my mind, ‘Do you know God loves you?’. I have come to believe that God is madly in love with us. God loves us with a passionate love. It is too great for us to comprehend; we do not have the words to describe it fully. It is too vast to grasp completely. But we can know it. And we can feel it. It is in his hands as he holds us. It is in his gentle words as he comforts us. It is written all over his face.

Deep, right? I don’t care who you are. Whether you believe or don’t believe in the creator but I am here to tell you that you’re still destined for greatness. God has bigger plans for each and everyone of us. No New Year Resolutions? That’s fine! For once I don’t, and I’m just flowing with life and actually speaking out what I want. Not saying I don’t plan out future goals and simple tasks but I am allowing God to do his thing because in the end, he knows best. For this new year I want to you to do what you love and you’ll work twice as hard (it honestly comes naturally). Allow yourself to fall ten times and having to get up twenty. Have a beautiful perspective at any loss, the clearest priorities, be so physically tired but the happiest, lightest heart ever. Remind yourself that if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

At peace, more secure, softer, therefore happier, kinder. Know that you truly do not exist for other people’s consumption and your existence is not hinged on making others happy and comfortable by stifling and hiding and crushing and editing parts of yourself to be less than who you really are. I do think this comes with age. Coming from someone who used to care too much.

Here’s to new beginnings, growth and catching more sunsets in 2022.