The Weekender Series – Chilled Days & Ending Jan

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Join me as I share my recent adventures and ending January on a positive, high note. From the most prettiest sky views, watching the Netflix show ‘Too Hot To Handle’, play some indoor golf and take it easy.

January 28

Last Friday of the first month of the year… okay, I wanted that into to sound better than that. But nonetheless, a chilled day taking it easy and enjoying the rainy weather. I started my morning having some of my left over Thai food and immediately started my hair. Hair wash days have just been pretty interesting as of late since I am now in a space of understanding my natural hair a lot more. I used the last bit of my Vatika hair masque, and spent the day editing while watching ‘Too Hot To Handle’. I’m waiting on series like ‘Sex Education’ and ‘the Circle’ to release a new season so for now I’ve been watching this highly rated and reviewed show.

January 29

I was so excited when J surprised me with a date to try out some indoor golfing which was so fun (can we do it again please). For supper we went to Doppio Zero. J had something to eat prior so he just had a calamari Tapa and I ordered a feta, avo, calamari and spinach pizza. I had a virgin Mojito and ended the evening with a cappuccino.

📍Doppio Zero, Rosebank

January 30

We went on our first double date and it was so much fun. I remember overthinking the date so much that googled and literally spent so much time figuring out the right way to it. But the best way to do it? Be yourself. I overthink EVERYTHING and it felt so good that I was able to ease out a bit and just flow. It was a good vibe. We went bowling (I didn’t do that bad) and headed to Starbucks afterwards. We went to Spur and had some burgers. What a great weekend!

📍Kauai, Rosebank
📍Starbucks, Parkhurst
📍Spur, Rosebank

What a great start to the year. Let me know how you’re feeling about the new year in the comments below.