A Haut Bag Haul

I recently got out my very first handbag which now happens to be owned by me of course for 5 years now and cleared out whatever needed to be thrown out. I felt so inspired to just dig out all my handbags and clear them out because chances of finding candy, pocket tissues and probably finding a nail filer which I’ve been looking for is extremely high. A handbag haul is much needed so check out all of my recent purchases to my oldie but goodies. I get so much wear out of the bags I collect and just can’t get enough of them (and yes, they all have a story to tell). Keep scrolling to check out my bag edit.

Style 1

This was my first ever bag investment and I have so many memories. It felt right to get my first bag investment from Colette Hayman because at the time I had just discovered the brand and found myself constantly purchasing from there. This bag carried me through dates, gallery visits and even photo shoots. I felt pretty bougie to be honest.

Colette Hayman

Style 2

I saw this bag from cotton On and it was a go! This bag gave me (and still does) Brittany Bathgate vibes. She usually invests in bags with an odd shape or something organic looking. This bag took me out my comfort zone and inspired me to go even further with my personal style.

Rubi, Cotton On

Style 3

If it’s not obvious this bag is a JW Pie dupe. From the soft mini pouch feel, to the ‘scrunchie-like’ handle, and vintage looking bag. I love the dark brown colour of this bag and actually find that it works really well with my wardrobe.

Style 4

Firstly, how gorgeous is the colour of this bag? And the design and feel of this bag is just as stunning. I love pairing this beaut with a bright outfit and like the functionality of it from wearing with the strap or not. The size is just as great.

Rubi, Cotton On

Style 5

My most functional yet trendy bag. This in line with my totes are my favourite go-to carriers for when I have a coffee date but work related. And although it’s it’s a work bag, my laptop fits in pretty well. To make it dressier I love pairing with it casual, subtle looks and it just brings the entire look together.

Cotton On

Style 6

Probably my most worn bag. In all honesty, it is. I think a sling bag is honestly such a good investment to have. It’s such a functional and versatile bag to own – instantly elevating a casual look into something dressier, and turning your dressed up look into something you’d find on Pinterest.

Cotton On

Style 7

My first Mango bag and it was gifted. Such an amazing piece to own. It is definitely not a ‘every outfit’ kind of bag but when I do see a look suited enough for it, I’m jumping in. The colour is absolutely beautiful and it gives me such early spring , autumnally vibes. The rich colour really stands out in any look and I can’t wait to style it with more dresses and two-pieces.


Style 8

First of all, the photo does no justice for this bag. The colour, style and feel of this carrier is an absolute dream. The size is perfect too. Whether I’m tossing in a million things to none it just works. Look wise? Anything minimal and subtle. It’s a great way for me to add colour to my looks but it doesn’t feel overwhelming.


Style 9

Saved the best for last on this one. Ah! I don’t even know what to say. For starters, this bag gives me both The Row and Bottega Venetta vibes. This soft pouch bag just works with EVERYTHING. My style is minimal, chic, classy yet trendy and this complements that really well. I’m so obsessed and yes, it’s my favourite bag that I own.