Natural Deodorants You Should Try-Out

Okay, let’s talk natural deodorant. I was persuaded to ditch my drugstore antiperspirant when I came across the Gonn page on Instagram. As I’ve mentioned and shared on my social media posts since now working with the brand is that it represents all my aesthetic dreams and it’s minimal in it’s design and ingredients. Ingredients of course, is the important part for me (well, make that second since it’s quite clear how much the look plays an important role for me).

While doing more research I had no idea that aluminum, the active ingredient in most antiperspirants, is potentially harmful and have issues linked to cancer. Look, it’s a good thing to sweat but the difference with natural deodorants is that it allows you to sweat while preventing the smell while balancing your microbiome to kill bacteria to stop the stink. And this was one of the reasons I worked with Gonn is because it is fragrance free, free from aluminum, parabens, 100% vegan, no alcohol, and an odorless formula to keep you fresh for up tp 24 hours. I would recommend it to anyone that is considering going natural. In light of this collaboration you can get can 10% using the code ‘getgonn’ at checkout and check them out on

On that note, I wanted to share natural deodorants recommended through reviews. Ahead, an edit with them and perhaps it will inspire you to give a natural deodorant a try.

Natural Deodorant Edit

Kosasport, Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant
Aesop, Herbal Deodorant Roll-On
Eir, NYC Pitted Deodorant
Vichy, 24-Hour Dry-Touch Aluminum and Salt-Free Deodorant
Hatch Mama, Fresh Mama Natural Deodorant
Nécessaire, The Deodorant
Caudalie, Vinofresh Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant
Mario Badescu Deodorant

These are just inspirational images I keep on file from social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook , MATCHESFASHION, NET-A-PORTER and from the brands site as referenced. I do not own any of these images.