My Journey as a Blogger

It just occurred to me that in a few months my blog will be turning five. I’ve been blogging for 5 years and I can’t hardly believe it. Safe to say I’ve learned my fair share of blogging and the blogging world. On that note I wanted to share what my journey has been like and what I’ve learned.

I’ve probably shared this story before but around the time of starting my blog I was in a low, unmotivated space in my life. I’ve grown so much with this website during that time till now and have learned a lot from the foundation of things. This has been such a great space for me to share my creativity and all things I enjoy about lifestyle, beauty and fashion because those are things I’m truly passionate about. This has also been a great tool for me to learn and unlearn things about myself and the things I want to do. I’ve probably shared my journey with the blog and what space I was in when I started it, which brought forth such a ray of light in my life. It was a rough time in my life and the blog allowed me to still explore my creativity during those low moments. Of course it won’t always be great, there was moments of self-doubt and fear about what I’m putting out there but the good has always outweighed those. I’ve also built such a great community from all walks of life and all over the world. The blog is more than sharing my current favourite trend or what products I’m currently using, it has become such an important part of my life.

The first thing I’d tell anyone who wants to start a blog is to never underestimate yourself. When I started out I remember focusing so much on the amount of traffic I was getting and whether I was getting enough recognition. To date, all that sounds great especially blog traffic but I’m more invested on where the traffic is coming from and what are people attracted or drawn to. I also found myself constantly looking at what the more established bloggers were doing and that friends helped me in no way. Comparing myself to someone who blogged for more than 5 years never allowed me the space to explore what I wanted to execute but instead pressured me. Right now I spend a lot of time committed to what I want to post out there and what is worth publishing. This has benefitted me in so many ways because just like those bloggers, everyone has to start somewhere. So, brand collaborations and features on my site is always something I look forward to BUT I won’t just work with anyone. It has to be true to my brand and it has to be something I believe in so consider that. That allowed me to never take myself for granted. It took me a while to work with brands on my website because I want it to feel right to my brand. Always know worth and don’t let others discourage you. I always want to make content I’m happy and proud. To conclude, it’s not about getting free stuff or collaborating for free, it’s about staying true to yourself. The great thing about blogging is I was able to learn how to do both content creating and writing. At my own pace on my own terms. Content creating and writing allow yourself to make mistakes. With this you have to learn more and more about. You need to figure out what works best for you last thing, if you’re feeling inspired to start a blog, start now.

There’s never a right time but now! If you need a sign, this is it!