Books I’ve Read So Far

Lately I’ve been more intentional about reading. I remember as a kid how much I enjoyed reading, writing and sketching. My blog could be the most evident to my writing but as for sketching and reading? That was activities I fell out of. I felt re-inspired this year, to get back into reading again. And just watching my films or listening to music, I visualize moments, characters and settings. I wanted to get in touch with that again, but to visualize while reading the words. I mean, the smell of books is also a thing, right?

I’m so happy I got in touch with that side of myself. It kinda feels like my inner child is dancing all over again. The best part? I get to experience a love I thought I lost. On that note, earlier this year I decided to make a vow that I would slowly collect or even borrow books that will impact the me, now. The first huge impact this had on me was my first (as in my money excuse me) book purchase was what excited me most because the thought of owning even the little things mattered to me. As my collection started growing (still is), I have this desire to take care of these purchases with all I have. This may not seem like a big deal to someone reading this, but to me? Oh boy! feels like a good, old friend visiting. Check out my recent reads below:

Bamboozled by Jesus – by, Yvonne Orji

My Life – by, Serena Williams

The Meaning of Mariah Carey – by, Mariah Carey and Michaela Angela

Finding Me – by, Viola Davis

Think Like A Monk – by, Jay Shetty

The Rules Of Living Well – by, Richard Templar

My current read

What are you all reading? Please share your book recommendations with me.