Supplements & Your Gut Health

Hi Friends! Let’s chat all things gut health! I am so excited about this post because gut health is just as important as so many other highlighted topics like skincare, fashion, food etc. Kiko Vitals gifted me their new ‘Prebiotic & Probiotic Supplements’ which I am so excited to try since I do want to be more intentional about taking care of my gut and honestly, going through the unhealthy gut list was not fun!

I’ve featured Kiko Vitals on my blog before [Read Here: Supplements for Hormone Balance] when trying their Hormone Balance and Bloat supplements. This time, I get the honour of trying their ground-breaking symbiotic product. Keeping your gut healthy can feel overwhelming at times and keeping up with the right foods can sometimes not be enough. Kiko Vitals is breaking through this skepticism from a researched-led perspective and is on a mission to provide a holistic solution to the microbiome balancing act.

This prebiotic and probiotic supplement aims to highlight and elevate the connection between our gut health and hormones and how it plays an essential role in fundamental female health.

There’s a running list of great benefits including boosting overall immunity, aids in reducing bloating and constipation, mood, attention, and energy stimulation. Together, probiotics and prebiotics make the ultimate powerhouse pair and they have succeeded in bringing these products together so we can support the multiple and magical microbiomes within us. Visit their website to purchase yours today.