Bree Probiotics Skincare Edit

Hi Loves! A moment of self-care made even more magical with products made to protect and maintain healthy skin. I recently got gifted products from Bree Probiotics Skincare I’m excited to experience a more simplified routine.

Why probiotics? They are good bacteria that are naturally on your skin and are essential for keeping your skin healthy. Populating your skin with good bacteria acts as a protective shield against bad bacteria, resulting in healthy skin.

A running list of great benefits and products are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Probiotics have been proven to increase collagen and protein production, as well as improve oxygen intake. This means more sufficient cell renewal and skin healing. Probiotics also create a protective shield on the skin’s surface, which helps to prevent free radical and environmental damage to stave off skin-ageing aggressors.

In the same way how probiotics help the microbiome in your gut it has the same effect for your skin. The popularity of probiotics for gut problems has risen rapidly and the same is now starting to happen with probiotics in skincare. The more we understand the benefits of probiotics and understand the skin microbiome the more essential probiotics will become as part of a skincare routine. 

Bree is committed to it’s core values. Every skincare product is vegan friendly, cruelty free and no product is tested on animals. They also have a deep sense of preserving the environment. Every skincare product’s potential impact on the environment, from the glass bottles to the FSC approved packaging, is considered.

Kickstart your Bree skincare journey to experience the great benefits. Purchase yours today: