The Elevated Thong Sandal & Why I’m Loving it

Don’t roll your eyes just yet and dismiss the idea of wearing thong sandals if you haven’t (I’ve seen the ‘it can be uncomfortable’, and ‘it’s not my style’ reviews but hear me out). After months of prioritising comfort over style, and leaning towards the comfiest sandals for attending anything from social outings, work related events, dates, and etc these work great too for just that. While sneakers seem like an option, they aren’t exactly designed for heatwaves. The hour calls for a shoe that’s comfortable, stylish and airy – the elevated flip-flop.

I’ve recently invested in these thong sandals from Foschini and while it’s still rainy days in summer where I’m from, I look forward to pairing these with almost every and any look I plan to wear once the sunnier weather pops out. I look forward to getting the perfect black and white pair but for now, these make me happy. The brown works really well with my minimal wardrobe and day-to-day office looks and the light blue is what get’s me more excited for those summer dress looks, denims, and even a play on colour. The sky’s the limit with these trendy sandals.

As I slowly await the weather to open up so I still explore some exciting ways to wear them, these are my recent looks I wore. Be on the lookout for a styling edit pretty soon!