My Warmer Season Skincare w/ Lelive Africa

My morning routine holds the secret to my day’s success. A lack of proper hydration and not enough product and my entire day gets thrown off. Join me as I share my everyday skincare steps that help me elevate my morning routine into a beautiful ritual.

And just like fashion, the “quality over quantity” rule still applies. A simple approach has not only changed my life but my skin as well. It’s so easy and the products I often reach for is underbudget yet so effective. If you’re someone who does not have a disciplined day-to-day routine why not reconsider and give yourself that. Consider it your self-care, self-love, solo time spent rejuvenating your mind, soul and the best part…your skin! Let’s jump into it.

Step 1

I always just start off by cleansing my face with cool water. Not only does this wake me up (lol) it also refreshes my skin. I love how cooling my face instantly feels and just allows myself a few seconds to take it all in. For me this also communicates to my skin that it’s about that time, you know. I love double cleansing especially for days when I need to refresh my skin barrier after wearing makeup. The Cleaner Colada coconut and pineapple African oil cleanser and Jelly Splash rooibos and aloe jelly cleanser work really well together in removing excess dirt and oils.

Did you know? Cold water tightens and protects the pores that gets opened up when the skin is exposed to sun’s harmful rays

Step 2

If you know me, you know I love a good serum. Lelive sent me 3 of their serums and I am so lucky I get to try them based on my what my skin needs at that time. The African Gold peptide, bakuchiol and African oil elixir is such a great formula in re-energising and restoring my skin. The Save Our Skin (sos) serum with peach and aloe aha/bha exfoliator to fade dark spots, smooths skin, and helps fight acne. It’s also such a great product which doubles as a spot treatment. The All Glow’d up serum with vitamin c, turmeric and hyaluronic acid. A powerhouse blend of sustainably-sourced African ingredients like aloe and rooibos, combined with plant-identical actives such as niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.  

Step 3

I love a light weight moisturiser that smooths and hydrate my skin and these two are just that! The du-pont shea butter lush moisturiser which is perfect for those days when your skin feels dry, dull or dehydrated. p.s. it doubles up as the perfect primer or overnight mask! The Creme de la cream African mahogany everyday moisturiser providing long lasting nourishment and reduces signs of aging (just what we need).

Step 4

You need the All the shade tinted moisturiser. Voted “best tinted moisturiser in South Africa” by women and Home magazine! This product is amazing for protecting your skin against the sun and also leaves you with a a radiant glow. I love applying this after doing my skincare for that glowy look throughtout the day and on top of my makeup for that dewy look.

Step 5

She is Eye-conic. Peptide and coffee arabica eye cream to depuff and re-energise the under-eye.It’s synergised with peptides and African mahogany to help stimulate collagen production and the lightweight cream is super-charged with niacinamide and vitamin e to promote a smoother, well-rested, radiant eye area

Step 6

I always commit to masking and exfoliating my skin once a week just to enhance and refresh my skin barrier. The Seatox Marine Algae and aloe detoxifying mask is great for restoring your skins moisture.

Step 7

A routine is not complete without a good mist to add that extra refresh moment. The Drip Sea Biotics and African Malachite Hydrating Mist. It protects using antioxidants, smoothes the skin texture, boosts hydration and sets your makeup

And that’s it! My everyday skincare routine that I swear by. It works for me and just keeping the discipline of having a day-to-day routine has changed my skin because maintaining good skin requires discipline and commitment. Talk about patience too! Also, I get asked all the time what products I’m using on my skin so hopefully this breakdown will make it a lot easier.

Be patient with your skin, stay disciplined and keep the routine maintained. You can purchase products from Lelive Africa using their website link:

Thank you so much to Amanda Du-Pont and her team!