Embracing Who I’m Becoming

‘Don’t let nobody box you in’ was my first thought after listening to Episode 37: Embracing The Transformation from ‘The Layover Podcast’ hosted by Nneka Julia. It literally changed my perspective on so many things and I am rediscovering so much about myself and my surroundings. It allowed me to tap back into myself and re-evaluate certain aspects of my life.

I recently had a deep conversation with a friend about how uncomfortable but safe it is to redesign your life, and your story. Perhaps it’s all the things I’ve encountered growing up into my adulthood but I’ve been making such conscious decisions for me. I am so mindful of how people make me feel, react to my good news, respond to my boundaries, energise or deplete me, allow me to shine or even support me. Have you experienced that? That even in the midst of all that I am impeccable with my word, I don’t make any assumptions, I don’t take things personally, and I always do my best. My point? I’m all focused on bettering myself, working harder towards my goals and healing. I want so much out of life and I’ve been more at peace by forgetting about things that don’t help me grow as a person. And yes that means letting go of certain people and habits. Yet, that allows for me to do better in the friendships and/ relationships that I have and want to grow with [Read: Energy Goes Where Focus Flows]

There is nothing more powerful than realizing that your wholeness is not defined by anything or anyone but you. People may add onto the beautiful pieces that already exist within you, but nothing they do could ever complete you. The keys to your acceptance have always belonged to you.

Seeing yourself as an extension of Gods light and giving yourself grace is the best thing you can do for yourself. Don’t forget to remember that your light is your essence and what your creator has undeniably given you is what makes you, you. Below are some day-to-day notes I always refer back to whenever I feel I need to tap back into myself:

  • Reminding myself that I am an extension of Gods light.
  • Giving myself more grace.
  • Knowing that I will walk into spaces and rooms like I deserve it because I recognise my light.
  • I will give grace to people and situations but also have wisdom to remove myself from experiences, people or things that consistently dim my light.
  • There will be low times what matters is how long I choose to stay low.

Good things come to those who simply recognise their light (values, gifts, talents, blessings, power, essence) and are not afraid to express it. Step up and start making those positive changes for yourself!