Goodbye 2022!

I’d probably say this season of my life is the epitome of two things can be true at once. I’m my happiest and healthiest that I’ve ever been. I’m living a version of my life I’ve always prayed for and yes, imagined [ Read Here: Embracing Who I’m Becoming ] From launching my blog, landing my dream job and achieving goals sooner than I expected and so much more. In this point in time never have my intentions been more clear and direct. 2022 was definitely a year of letting go which also opened doors to allow.

Allow for new beginnings, and not holding back. So my friends, as we move into the new year don’t be afraid and don’t hold back. What you need is already inside of you. You are exactly what you need. Don’t ever try to ease other parts of you and know that your story increases your values. Don’t forget to love the person you used to be, too.

There are no hard rules for living your life the right way. Remember we are all swimming in the unknown, trying to figure it all out. Be kinder to yourself, love more and trust the process. YOU’VE GOT THIS! Cheers to new beginnings and God guiding us through it all.