Haut Aesthetics 5 Year Blogiversary

Today it’s Haut’s blogiversary and it’s definitely a reason to celebrate! It’s an ideal time to revisit posts from the past 5 years and recognize the people who’ve helped my blog succeed in ways I only imagined. If you’ve just stopped by I shared my story behind why I created my blog [Read Here: Why I Became a Blogger] and my journey [Read Here: My Journey as a Blogger].

The blog is more than sharing my current favourite trend or what products I’m currently using, it has become such an important part of my life.

I won’t even lie, it’s an emotional day for me. Looking back at all the work I’ve executed for my personal brand has reminded me so much of how much I love and enjoy everything. I got to a point in my blogging journey where I thought it would be much of a big deal but it grew into something bigger than I’ve imagined. I also had successful (and effective) features which created a real community of readers. Collaborations with amazing brands and other partners who have helped my blog stay active and relevant.

Right now, I’m a walking machine of ideas which makes me so excited for all the upcoming projects and work that will still be featured on the blog.

I’m proud that my blog attracts thousands of readers per month, and I’m delighted that people enjoy what they read.

Dear reader, from wherever you are, Thank you.