The Weekender Series – Hello 2023 & Celebrating Anniversaries

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Happy New Year Friends! I have no idea why I delayed posting this series when it’s been ready but hey, that new year readjustment is kicking in and I still trying to find my balance. Join me as I share my adventures from NYE, having celebratory moments from my 5 year blogiversary [Read Here: Haut Aesthetics 5 Year Blogiversary] to celebrating my 3 year anniversary. I also share some bits of food prepping from baking and cooking that resonate as far as my childhood with my late mother. BTW the elevator shots are back peeps we are officially back at the office.

31 December

1 January

2 January

4 January

6 January

7 January

8 January

10 January

11 January

12 January

Catch you on my next series.