The year of BLOOM

I recently celebrated my birthday and I’ve decided that in my 26th year I’d like to bloom. I want to grow in the direction of the sun and see myself stretch towards the light. Wrapped in warmth and firmly rooted. Envisioning a woman who is going through the motions of better understanding and loving herself even more. Surrounded by love in all forms. Surrounded by a community of family (chosen or blood) who truly see her, and believe in her. This blessing of life is stepping deep within my bones and I am gracefully journeying with it.

I also write down a few notes that allow me to remember how to get better as a person and allow my faults and mistakes to be a lesson that I sit down with and examine. Throughout 25 I discovered how important it is to get rid of those funky people in your life who are unsupportive, aren’t accountable, abusive, jealous, competitive, materialistic, negative, gossips and gaslights. Make room for those who align with your path, goals and values. People you feel safe with. Peole who show you love through actions, not just empty words. People who want to understand who you are instead of projecting what they want to see. I promise you, they exist. Working on my own healing I started meeting such amazing people and attracting such good opportunities and also found myself in healthy, positive spaces. Know how to hold space for good people who will celebrate you, genuinely. Yet, also allow yourself to feed on positivity as strongly as you can so you attract the good.

Here’s to 26! I’m still here, not because I’m great or because I deserve to be here, but because God is not done with me. Luke 2:52 🤍 prayer – wholistic growth in wisdom, statue and increase in favour with God.

Sending you all love & light.