The Weekender Series – Book Launch & Local Eateries

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Hey friends! Another day, another weekender series. I’ve been rather busy with work and projects but I managed to get some content with my recent adventures from attending a book launch to spending quality time with friends on lunch dates to visiting local eateries and having some yummy, local traditional food that I realise I miss so much and it was so good just taste the familiar. As always I share my days at the office, running errands, having meetings on meetings and the in-between. I also got gifted some PR packaging as well and I also share my latest looks or rather some recent outfits that I’ve been wearing. Thanks for joining me as I share some adventures and thank you so much for stopping by.

30 March

31 March

1 April

5 April

6 April

Catch you on my next series!